My Daddy Changed Me

When i was little my dad always bathed me, so he had seen me naked many times. When i was about 1 when ever he would bathe me he wouldnt just wash me he would touch me. When i turned 2 he started to finger me, not knowing what he was doing i would say nothing even though it hurt me. When i was about 2 and a half he took me in the shower with him we were both naked, i had never seen him naked, i had never seen a boy naked. He had somthing long on his bum i didnt have, he held me next to it and put it up were he put his fingers up. He urinate in me i could smell it. From the on he would do it all the time when my mum was at work untill i started school at 5.
When i started school i was amazed by how many boys there was so every break time i would go round the bike shed and ask the boys to show me there things. Soon my teachers started to worry because my grades were dropping because i was distracted by seeing boys things which the teachers didnt know about. So they stated to keep me in at break to catch up on work. I was popular because i asked to see boys things, but because i was staying in at break i got less popular. But i picked my grades up and got more popular.
By the time i was 6 i was very close with some of the boys mostly Jasper he was small like me but i fancyed him. Soon we became best friends so he would come over my house i would go over his after a few weeks we became very close and soon we were bf and gf.
One day i was at his house, and his dad came up to his room and asked if he could take me out somewhere i said yes, not knowing what he was going to do to me. He took me to the mall he bought me Ice cream and presents, building up my trust. Soon it was getting late, he said it was to dark for him to drive me home, did i mind if we stayed in a hotel. I said it was fine. When we walked up it had a big sign saying Sex Hotel, not knowing what that meant we went in. He said one room for two please, could we just have i double bed my little girl doesnt like sleeping alone. He took me to our room i was sitting on the bed i was saying i will never get to sleep with this nosie. He said dont worry you wont have to go to sleep. He undressed me i thought it was for bed but he lay me naked on the bed, he got his thing out it was much bigger than daddys and the boys at school. He lay me on my stomach with my head in front of it. He put it slowly in my mouth i couldnt breath, i mumbled at him and bit it but he wouldnt take it out 5 mins later he took it out he lay me on my back then he stuck it in me. It was so massive it riped my ***** there was blood all over the bed and his pants. He took it out and said well done baby, next he bit my **** and had tounge sex with me. After he was done he bit my body all over, and stepped back to look at me my bum was in pain and covered in blood and i was covered in bite marks. He put pants on me and a onsie so now one could tell anything. We walked out he held my hand everyonr could see the fresh blood on his pants, the blood that wasnt there before. He took me home, and i have never seen him again because Jasper just comes to my house. I have never told anyone but jasper who is still my bf because i dont blame him for what happened. xxx
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Omfg how fake can a story/profile get.

U poor girl I feel for u,that was ******* bad **** u went thru.if ever u want to chat get back to me and I'll chat with u?xxxx

Nice profile pic, is it you?

Holy f uck, holy s hit, this **** has f uking disturbed me, like wtf, *** I want to beat the **** out of your f uking dad and chop of his f uking balls, give me his name

How do you remember what happened when you were 2?

how old are you now?


ow...Im so sorry, you went through all this.!!

are you still having nightmares?

sometimes xxx

email me on, i can help you with your stories in detail so you can get over it and never think of it again nor getting night mare

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Where is your mom in all this??? I'm not understanding how you were allowed to go out with your friend's dad alone???

i was at my bf house that night

That sucks! I'm so sorry, message me anytime if you need support.

I hope you can move past this.
best of luck to you <3

thankyou xx

sorry but it sounds like made up story or someone's secret fantasy

i have not mde this up

Sorry if u mind it

Dude...keep in mind that this girl is only 13yrs old. You would feel like such a jack*** if this is true. Thats why victims are often scared to tell cuz someone always says they're lying! =(

Thank you xx

So true please tell someone don't waste years thinking it was your fault

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oh by the way you would be just too jellious of my dad now that was a great man he goes without food for us he goes without new cloths for us thats a real man and hes not thinking about his little ****** like you . what a father you are shame shame maybe you can take classes from a real man you little woos

what a shame, your the dad arnt you? you are writting this why? your a man and your just trying to see how many are like you right? well i can tell you that god is getting you right now so reep what you soe the punishment is torment seek it its yours , you will live the rest of your life in a deep depression you wont even be abled to kill yourself . you live with yourself every day live your deep unhappiness its yours and everytime out touch a child let you suffer even more right after you *** you will feel worst than you did before and every time you will feel deep sadness that never goes away and every time you stick it in a child be well informed that god is watching you and planning your next punishment so ya when i think of this story i rest in gods peace that i know that he is after you and no bad goes unpunished. you low life you sleezy nasty old fart and nothing else

Itsn't the dad it is the child and i like you for what you said about my dad but i dont like you for how you dont care i am hurt deep down because of what my dad did to me and my dad doesnt know about the second bit about my boyfriends dad.

join the club little girl most of the world has been raped by some one me? my grandfather but its up to you not to become a ho just because of your father show him and everyone that your better than that. my body is mine so baby work for it . thats what needs to be on your mind , not give it to every tom **** and harry RESPECT yourself stop talking ,acting, and being a ho or dont bother writting me back

Thank you xxx