Everyone Has Made A Difference

whether it was in a nagative way or positive way, or even in a small way. like me picking up one of their habits.
All my old friendships, relationships, have morphed me into who i am today.

All in all i've learned here on earth exist truely evil people. I don't believe that "there is no such thing as a evil person just evil deeds" saying. I have seen people who are addicted to causing pain, emotional, or physical, pain unto others, for the sake of entertainment. that's a sick sense of humor and it can only come from a sick individual.

My biggest fear are demons. i've always been afraid of demons and the devil. i know they exist. now i know that evil people exist aswell. They scare me. Still those negative people that have been a part of my life have changed me. they've taught me that not everyone is like me or thinks like me or loves like me. when i love someone i love them with all my heart. whether as a friend or a lover. If you are my buddy i will love you as if you were my family. I'll want the best for you, and help you in any way possible.

that's what has gotten me in trouble. the way that i love others. I have changed a bit when it comes to that. i am not as trusting with my heart anymore. Still when i give it away it embraces that person with nothing but love.

Someone once pointed out that i did something similar to my exbestfriend. i can't remember what it was. i do remember laughing and pointing out that well we were friends since the 2nd grade so ofcourse we would pick up eachother's habits.

Another time someone told me about the way i spoke. that i sounded like another girl i grew up with but no longer talk to. i thought hmmm maybe i picked up more from these two growing up then i noticed.

life goes on...

I figured if i've picked up little things from these two girls i no longer talk to, i guess i've picked up more things from other people that have gone in and out of my life.

oh i just remembered! i use to forge my teachers signature. i had practiced and practiced the way she did her B's in script. now i do my Bs in script the same way she did them. lol.

another habit i've picked up from two other teachers was one of them (1st grade teacher) would always say "how dare you!" in a certain tone of voice whenever she felt insulted. now i say that, in the same tone of voice, lol. the other teacher (5th grade) use to always say "Don't insult my intelligence" whenever a student would lie to her or try to pull a fast one over her. now i say that when ever someone is trying to deceive me too. lol.

whether it's been little things or big things everyone has made a difference and i am who i am today because of those who were once a part of my life. That's why it's important who your friends are, and who you surround yourself with.
veronica4ever veronica4ever
26-30, F
Sep 20, 2012