I Enjoy Fellating Men But Will Not Turn Money Offered By A Married Man Who Has A Wife Who Will Not Fellatiate Him!

A lot of ladies refuse to give their men blow jobs. I don't know why but they do. I will say though this is good for me!!! I have probably close to a thousand names in my black book of married men who pay me nicely to give them the ******** their wives will not give them. Some of these men I only see once or twice a year, some once every couple of months or so, many on a monthly basis and several on a weekly or more frequent basis.

Some of my favorite men will bring their wives along and the wife will watch and most of the time ********** herself while I do my thing on her hubby. A few of these ladies will even have me eat their ***** after I finish her man. There is one couple in particular that are my favorite. She will watch me give her man a blow job while she masturbates herself and when I finish her man she spreads her legs and holds out some more cash and says "Please do me now?". I've been seeing this couple for like 20 years now and the wife claims since she only allows me to eat her ***** and does not reciprocate she is not bi. Well Mrs. "I'm not bi" has been coming around more frequently than her husband lately and has taken to allowing me to kiss her passionately and just last week she sucked my ******* and stuck her hand in my panties and explored my ***** almost to the point of finger ******* me but stopped just short of actually penetrating me with her finger she did however continue to stroke my slit and eventually settled in working her finger on my ****. Still she says she's not bi.

Back to my original thought here. Ladies if you will not give your man a blow job do not think for one minute I will not take the money he could have bought you something nice with and give him a blow job for you. If he brings me something of yours to wear while I blow him, anything could be earrings, necklace, panties, lingerie items and etc.... I will blow him for free while wearing your things.

Typically I get $150.00 for a *******!!!
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The mass of men live lives of desperate ************.

what man refuses a blow job. Few wifes I know suck **** except on "special occasions"

All women don't go ewwww.....HA HA HA.......but I am like a male friend says "I don't pay for ANYTHING I can get for free" I have a very strict criteria and if they don't pass I don't care if it's $150 or $1500.....more power to you......

I use to visit a woman like you! She was married and would suck my **** after she gave me a lap dance while her husband watched. It was so exciting, wish i hadn't lost contact with her.

Say What???

OMG Why are ther not mre women like you in the world.x

I don't know! Probably because society puts such a negative stigmatism on such pleasurable things. I think it's a carry over from the puritan days. I think young girls need to be educated that the pleasures they can provide to a man are not dirty, vile or foul. They should be taught that these are all a part of a normal sex life and should be performed for their sex partner(s) with enthusiasm and she should get her pleasures from performing these things too.

I agree with pnclare. But I also am wondering if you get questioned by the wives about why you enjoy giving blow jobs so much, or if any of them have asked your help to learn how to enjoy giving blow jobs to their men

I've had many wives ask me why I love to give blow jobs and when I tell them I love the *** they all had the same response. EWWWWWW!!!! No ******* way am I going to do that!!! I've tried to teach other women to enjoy giving a blow job but it didn't work so well. Now the boss' wife gave it an honest effort and said there is no way I will ever like this. My husband is just going to have to come to you when he needs a blow job. She watches all the time and she's all the time bringing me in gifts of appreciation for saving her from having to blow her husband. Her and I have become very close and she just recently gave him the green light to **** me too. Of course I'm doing her too since she's very much bisexual.

Money well spent

I like the way you think!!!