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The other day, to my surprise, I was blocked from substitute teaching.  My mind started racing with thoughts of what did I do wrong.  Imagine every action of the last week goes through you mind.  Did I take out my cell phone where it was visible to students.  Did I miss speak.  Did someone just want to start a rumor and get the sub in trouble.  It's common practice at this school to see how long it takes to make the sub cry.  

I was called to Human Resources and asked if I knew why I was there.  Interesting question.  Obviously I was called because of a complaint, right?  My surprise was that 3 accusations were made by 3 different sites.  Interesting, no feedback to me of course.  What did I get myself into?  Guilty until proven innocent.  

When I heard the accusations, I was stunned.  I couldn't believe my ears.  I stated my case.  It was documented with a couple of scribbles on the HR persons complaint sheet.  the encounter itself was extraordinarily pleasant.  The undertones however were dire.  What mixed messages.  

My question is what do I do, ignore the comments, talk to the principal whom I know, talk to the Department chair who knows me also, matter of fact we spoke that morning as we were looking for the classroom assignments that I later discovered.  Is this common practice?  the complaint was made to the elderly gentleman who takes care of the substitute staff, he is a security person.  Apparently some students made reference to a comment I made and was taken completely out of context.  I was never called to talk to him.  The kids loved the classroom discussion on the siren's of the Odyssey.  It was a poem that referred to the Sirens.  Could you imagine all the words and sentences that are uttered from our mouths can be manipulated to later be used against you as a fun thing to do to a sub?

I'd appreciate any insights from you experienced subs.  Been subbing from sept, but have a long history of teaching experience in Hospital setting, Sunday school, and college setting.  

Thanks for listening.

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I wouldn't go back to a school whose common practice is to make the sub cry. You have a right to be informed of who accused you of inappropriate behavior BEFORE ever being called to HR. If the schools had complaints about you, the principals or vice-principals should have approached you directly and talked to you about that. Professional courtesy and all...In our district, if a principal does not want a particular sub in his school, he is required to tell the sub himself, and explain why. If you know that there was a misunderstanding, what if you sent a certified letter to each school, asking to talk to the principal or vice-principal to talk about the matter? It couldn't hurt. The principals could refuse, but at least you would have shown that you take such concerns seriously.I'm going into my tenth year as a sub, myself. I was actually accused just last week of going through a teacher's desk drawer and looking through children's personal files. Of course this was false, since I was actually looking at behavior folders on the desks.<br />
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Good luck!

As students get older they get more adept at running a good sub, that makes them work, out of "their" school. Don't feel bad, it's actually a compliment...the students felt you were working them too hard as a "sub" and ganged up against you. It's happened to the best of us, it's too bad the board and administration don't pick up on these occurences. My theory is they have seen too much "Hannah Montana".

I have been a sub for five years....returning to the classroom after a 20yr absence,<br />
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I hate teaching the primary and high school grades.<br />
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I changed my options to pre school and junior primary.....these are the kids who still enjoy learning.<br />
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I'm too old and tired to be bothered with the games of the others <br />
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To answer your Q more directly........yes this happens tooo often.