My First Prophecy

Last night, on September 19th, 2010, God gave me my first prophecy. He has revealed to me that a famine will strike the midwestern united states. He also told me that the state of Utah will be in Good hands as the LDS church has lots of food storage prepared for this event. I thank you God the eternal father, and your son Jesus Christ, and your comforter and communicator the Holy Ghost, and I hope that at least one person listens to this prophecy and prepares food storage to save them and their family.
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It's been well over a year. How's that famine prediction working out for you? Please note that vague predictions with non-specific timefr<x>ames are the hallmark of charlatans and kooks.

It's the 2011/2012 snow year right now, and the weatherman said just last week that Utah is at about 56% snowpack so far. We're in drought...

And a low level of snow is causing famine how? I didn't realize that snow was critical for crop growth in Utah, or that the problem was so bad that the creator of the universe would find it necessary to issue a warning.

Then again, given that the warning was apparently only passed along to one person, and in a vague and non-falsifiable manner, perhaps he's just messing with you.

well he was just messing with me, becaues i was messing with him, basically i wante dhim to prophecy to me, it would do no literal good, to anyone but my own personal emotional state, and it came true, just a few months after these comments, the summer of 2012 was a huge damn drought. and yes, snow is a big factor in crops production of utah, the snow falls in the mountains, we damn the canyons between the mountains, utah has a lot of damns, and that reserve water is what is used for farming, we do not get enough rain to farm, we have to have irrigation, in the 2005 2006 drought seasons, southern utah was literally bone dry, many farmers and ranchers including my uncle's family has water cut off from them, cause there was none to go around.

Your words are very true. Great actions are to take place in the time ahead of us.<br />
<br />
The devil is attempting to secure his throne on this world, trying to pervert it any way he can.<br />
<br />
A cleansing war must be fought if we as God's good children are to overcome the illuminati and such devil worshippers.<br />
<br />
In order for this war to be fought, strong soldiers have been sent here to this generation to fight for God, with the sword of the word of God, and the power of the truth. The power of the truth brings forth the power of angels to abolish the wicked. <br />
<br />
You and I are some of these soldiers, it is excellent to meet you man.

Continue to speak for him as he will continue to speak to you and show you wonders beyond. You understanding. I Pray that the Lord guides us to the right place and I know he will.<br />
<br />
Listen And I say take refuge in the Lord for his sheep will be taken out of harms way before disater strikes so nothing to fear but alot to have faith...<br />
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The illuminati are the evil forces of which you speak <br />
<br />
Obama may be the Anti Christ i dont know It best to ask God but people call him the messiah and all the above.<br />
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Do not take the microchips!!! I will post something when God tells me to and I feel it in my fingers the time is now as i type lol<br />
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Jesus is Lord<br />
Become One with God

the governments and evil forces of this world are always up to incredibly nasty things. <br />
<br />
Obama's era has brought us a faked disaster in the gulf and a fake medical system under his congress stamped insurance profit guarantees. <br />
<br />
There are worse things this world will have to face before it succoms to any new world order tyranny, and tyranny is what will come.<br />
<br />
I can't wait for the tyranny of the righteous few to put the fear of God in the devil's peoples.

A predictionist calls himself a prophet, and lies and lies to his following, until his following slowly wake up and do not believe the lies anymore. He can say wait till next year, that's when my prediction will come true. If his sheep are dumb enough they believe him, until enough years pass and they realize they've been believing lies.<br />
<br />
I hope this is true about 2012. I have got visions about the world being egulfed in flames. This happened to me 8 yrs ago. so I went researching for answers. there are so many out there!! I don't want to believe 2012 but I have a BAD feeling about that date...many reasons why, some personal. I believe the government is up to something nasty.

There's a little more information that I did not include the first time. He specified that the midwestern united states would be one of the places hit by the famine. However this is just one place of many many throughout the world that will be struck by famine and pestilance. I am sorry I did not specify this. Localized famines are hard on the area struck, but with the global food system it is true that the people don't usually starve to death, least not much. However this is not going to change or help us during the episode coming. We are facing a rather serious world wide famine. <br />
God has yet to give me a specific time line of when this is going to happen. It's not like one day God's just gonna say hello to you when you wake up one day and he's just gonna tell you all the prophecies of the world for the next thousand years or something. This is something that I am beginning to earn from him. The information on when will come in time. <br />
Predictions invite skepticism because somebody made a wild guess about what will happen in the future, and he's hoping that people will believe him so that he can have some sort of gain. (prideful ego, fame, money, ect.) A predictionist calls himself a prophet, and lies and lies to his following, until his following slowly wake up and do not believe the lies anymore. He can say wait till next year, that's when my prediction will come true. If his sheep are dumb enough they believe him, until enough years pass and they realize they've been believing lies.<br />
A prophet recieves revelation from God, of information of pertinent importance, of the future of those he prophecies to.

Don't you see why that invites skepticism though? A prediction that something will happen at some vague time in the future (a) means it's never wrong, because you can always say "wait til next year" and (b) can become "right" at any time, as soon as there happens to be a drought (which aren't uncommon events anyway). This means it can't ever be tested whether you had a premonition, or just a dream which coincidentally matched real events.

There is never been a time line in prophesy. Perhaps it means in the next five years, two years, whatever. Currently, we have drought, and the water tables are very low. Corn and beans are coming in now big time. Doesn't mean that next season will be good, or the next season after that.

How exactly does localised famine work nowadays? People get their food from all over the world. Of course, the farmers in the area might be a bit financially strained if all thier crops fail, but everyone else will be fine...