How To Know If You Are A True Prophet

 First I'd like to thank GOD KING Jesus and his Great Holy Spirit for my current peace of mind and great health. I'd also like to thank God King Jesus for allowing his Great Holy spirit to guide me to this website forum. My name is Kenny Sparks :11:The Snow Leopard-Prince and I'm a full-time servant of God King Jesus.

HOW Do You Know If Your  True Prophet?

You know you’re a prophet when you know that there is a god. You know you’re a prophet when you know the word of god. You know you’re a prophet when you can distinguish the voice and will of god from your own. You know you’re a prophet when you’re serving god first and working and living in accord of the Holy Spirit and word of god. You don’t have to suffer a near death experience; you don’t have to talk to a burning bush to be a prophet of God King Jesus. All you need is the faith of a mustard seed.  God King Jesus has the ability to give a servant of his word the power to lift mountains and rain fire down from the heavens if it pleases him. You must be a humble obedient servant of the God King Jesus to be a true prophet. All true prophets knew the word live in accord with the word. Take up their cross and follow him daily, deny yourself if you truly seek prophecy. God King Jesus will make you a powerful prophetic messenger if you pray fervently for his Holy gifts.

With Great Power comes even Greater Responsibility

Prophecy is a gift and a burden. If you truly feel that your chosen by god to be a prophet understand that you will need a tremendous amount of courage, patience and faith. Understand that your power comes from the word of god. Understand that as a prophet you are a servant to god before anything else. Humble yourself, true prophets of the lord most high never used their gifts for self gain. True prophets of God King Jesus put the word and will of god above their own will. True prophets never performed acts of divinity to glorify themselves nor selfishly. True prophets never urged people to be dependent upon them, but instead urged people to be dependent on God for all.  Just like angels prophets are simply middle man and helpers and servants of God King Jesus. Prophets have an advantage over angels because they are able to interact with the physical world and their image will not startle nor cause people to fall and worship them. Angels and prophets are all obedient to God king Jesus any being or person claiming to be an angel or true prophet will never defile the name of God nor blasphemy the Holy spirit.

Don't forget....

                As a prophet you have to suffer through the human experience and world of sin. You are to be in the world, but not of the world. Do your best to live your life as God King Jesus did. God speaks directly to those most humbled, and burning with a desire to please him and obediently follow his words and will. His will is the bible. As a prophet you must be intimately acquainted with the will of God. Satan and false teachers twist the word and make true prophecy a rarity. The truth isn’t always a delicacy and doesn’t sit well in sinful mouths. The truth shines light and people who wish to stay in the darkness will hate the truth.  There are multitudes of clamorous seers and false prophets who serve only themselves. False teachers will suffer worst fates then the most heathen sinners, for they know the word and have heard the truth but have turned from it.  

If you know your a True  Prophet....

I wish you all with spiritual gifts from God King Jesus much success in all your endeavors!

"Put on the whole armor of god so that ye may be able to stand the wiles of the devil.... Don't faint at your tribulations, wherefore they are only to add to your glory.... Lean not on your own understanding but let god direct all your paths....."

May God King Jesus Bless you!
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I have visions God has shown me things and I've seen things and experienced things. I also realize the only times I can see and have vision when I'm focus on Jesus Christ like studying my word, church and praying and fasting. Just focusing on God. That's when I have my religion visions. I have other visions to. I had a dream to people came to me in my sleep. The 2 ppl was somebody that i knew and trusted. It was weird but they said that they was send by God. And they said if you love God you would die for him. I said okay. They said you will have to let us drown you. As I was drowning in my sleep I could fell the water going into my chest like I was dying. I then heard someone say loud and clear WAKE UP WAKE UP I DIDN'T SEND THEM. THEY WASN'T SEND BY ME!!! I then open my eyes but I could still feel the water in my chest. I had a vision a few months ago I was sitting in a house and a army of men came busted in all black and line everyone up nobody could run or hide. It was wired because I didn't know anybody in the house and everyone was a different race and culture And they made everybody read out of this black magical looking book. When they open the book the words was floating around and the only word I could understand was God. But it was underlined it a blue color that glowed like a magic seal. And it was in different languages. They had to forsake God Jesus Christ or they was going to kill them but first toucher them. I was so scared it was like I was there standing in front of the book but it wasn't me it was somebody else. other people was really there. Everybody was so scared they denied Jesus to saved their own life. I could hear one man say hurry up the master is waiting. I knew then they was send by satan. The book was weird looking all black and it was written in a different language. But when it was my turn I was so scared and right when I was about to speak i disappeared. I was forced to wake up. I really wanted to see what was going to happen next but just like that I was force to wake up without no warren I just open my eyes.

I also have seen demonic demons a few have came to me in my sleep. One looked like a mini dinosaur but the hight of a man with a tail and spoke like a man. It told me it name was Ahab and touched my body and my body felt like it was burning. I started to pray and call on the name Jesus. But it just started to mimic me and repeat what I was saying. But I knew God was with me. I also experience sex demons trying to seduce me every night at one point 2 and 3 of them at a time. But I know nothing is stronger than prayer and the word of God. I have visions and dreams of other people I don't see or haven't seen in years. I could go on and on and on but I stop but one thing I no for sure I am anointed and I am unbothered by the enemy trying to scare me because I know who I am in God and I know my calling and satan fears it and he should.

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GOD doesn't care if you use capital letters in the alphabets. GOD doesn't care how you look. GOD doesn't care what sin is in your life. GOD doesn't care what excuses you use to limit you from the true FRUIT of the spirits. GOD doesn't care if you can tell the future. GOD doesn't care if you have money or poor. GOD doesn't care if you throw your hands in the air and fall on your face in public in front of everyone. GOD doesn't care if you can heal cast out demons and put your hands on people with blessings of GOD. - remember all this you true prophets of GOD. Remember first wisdom of GOD is to ______ HIM. And FEW, FEW!, FEW FEW only FEW will enter heaven! Unless you are like one of these children among me (JESUS), in Mathew, you will NEVER enter the KINGDOM of GOD. To all you prophets and leaders of GOD I will assure you unless you truly LOVE all of GOD the devil will come to you in sheep clothing and nows the word of GOD and will train you and prepare you for false heaven.

I had been dreaming since I was 5 years old, never understood it then. In my early 20's I was in a relationship where my partner would repeatedly cheated on me. Most of the time I would dream of him doing so and confront him. He always denied it but weeks later would admit to doing it. But he could never understand how I found out or how I knew it would happen before it actually did. After awhile I would receive horrible visions in my sleep of demonic experiences, that's when I first got saved(and left that sinful relationship). Then God would come to me training me in my dreams I could never see his face but his voice was loud, scary and beautiful at the same time. I became intrigued and started reading and seeking him more. I was also told by a very known prophet who I am which only confirmed it. I have become very strong since then and have helped many people. I have also lost many friends but I have gained the love of my Lord and Savior. I have only witnessed heaven once words could never express it's beauty. The only thing I haven't gotten use to yet is the feeling of being alone. But I know that God will soon fix this as well.

It is a respectful and honoring to use a captital G when referring to God. A small g refers to other gods or false gods. The same can be said of all references to God in the structure of a sentence when speaking of Him for example. Capital H. Or should you say He in a sentence in reference to God. Personally I find using a liitle g when referring to the one true God Jehova, The God of Abraham and Isaac, as disprespectful and dishonoring.

Has the lady of the harp come to you in a young slumber to play the some of Arnold o's dream has it been foreseen of your own endeavors and your peers as if it were day sha voo have you felt the static between your hands as if electric currents flowed through you as you blessed yourself and felt ye centre eye on thou forehead have you had random exaustion and if so in your vision die jot breath but let god breath for you.... you have not seen a prophet yet you defile the holy spirit in jesus name as well as his father you have sinned my friend sinned in the name of our lord I say it you how dare you.

4 years ago I had seizures caused by me attempting suicide. One weekend I had 3 of them back to back. The doctor gave me really powerful medication which unconsciously overdosed on. It caused me to hallucinate. Next thing I know I'm sitting on my bed talking to God who came to me in the form of my grandfather. We had a talk about my anger towards my mother. He showed me a parable about a crocodile carrying he young to the river. I explained this vision to other people but I'm the only one who seem to understand it. Even though they found me walking the streets naked 2 days later I haven't had a seizure since.

I am Brother of The World, Jesus's Brother.He has come back. Nice to meet you .

If you are a prophet it comes from the bible

Early last year, I had a prophecy. What this was, I cannot say directly, because with this vision came lots of information. Truth, pulling back a curtain over life I hadn't known was veiling me from the world. A piece of this information was that I should not share, directly, what the vision was. It was an image, something vast and moving, intricate and beautiful. Something I would never have thought of in waking life, but there it was.
Before this vision, I was an atheist. I had tried, myself, to find God several times before this, prayed dutifully, and nothing seemed to work. I felt nothing.
I was being saved for the right moment, when God would appear, himself in all his wonderful splendour.
I was instantly a believer, and my life has become 200% better ever since.
If you believe me or not is up to you.
Meeting me, face-to-face, I probably wouldn't strike you as particularly religious. I swear, drink beer, flirt excessively with women and enjoy martial arts and boxing. I don't know why I received this vision, but I am eternally thankful, and His servant until my very soul blinks from existence, and beyond.

Ever since I was little I have been able to talk to God and have conversations with Him in a way nobody else I have met can. I have not received any earth breaking instructions or anything, but He definitely speaks to me and instructs me and on occasion has spoken through me or told me a small message for somebody. I feel God and He is big and scary and beautiful and comforting and beyond description, but I do not know what to do now. Somebody said that maybe I am a prophet; could this be right? If not, what else is this?

Amen In The Name Of Jesus!
I Love The Lord So Much

Amen to you brother I will pray for your missions of life.

Grace and PeaceI'm a bit concerned that in this post and all of these comments, there are no biblical references of how to distinguish one who has the office of the Prophet. "You know you're a Prophet when you know there is a God." << If this were a real sign of a "true prophet," it would make every Christian a prophet. That's a bit absurd. I do not come to judge or condemn, but I think we all should be enlightened on what the signs of a true prophet really are. For instance, that one sentence in particular makes every person who believes in God a Prophet. Ephesians 4:11 says he (Jesus) gave SOME to be Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, and Teachers. Some will NEVER amount to ALL. Also, your statement says "when" you know there is a God. God called Jeremiah and set him apart in his mother's womb, therefore, Jeremiah was a Prophet even before birth because called ordained to be so. Even before Jeremiah could take breath and understand anything about life, he was anointed to be a Prophet. These two sc<x>riptures alone makes that one sentence invalid. Also, the Bible says in Numbers 1:26 says if there be a prophet among you, I the LORD will make myself known unto him in a vision and I will speak unto him in a dream. This is very critical in understanding the call of the prophet. Only God can establish prophets in the earth. I could speak more on what you have given us; however, I will end here. Once again, I do not come to judge or condemn, but I believe that the Body of Christ should be enlightened to know the truth in this matter which is backed with sound sc<x>ripture. I do not claim to know everything. I am a babe in my prophetic calling; nonetheless, I am being taught well and it does not take a prophet to know the basics of distinguishing who a true prophet is. I pray this words do not fall on deaf ears, but that they will urge us to seek God and meditate on his word concerning the gifts and wonders he has given us.

Yes, I totally agree with you.God does ordain His prophets, and it is an office that comes with certain gifts. Namely dreams, visions and revelations, and of course prophecy and forth telling. He frequently uses His prophets to bring correction to individuals and groups.

Often times someone will receive a vision or dream or prophesy, and think that this makes them a prophet, but that is not the case. Even King Saul was seen to prophesy with the prophets at one time, but that didn't mean he was a prophet.

Prophets also tend to be more loners than popular, preferring to spend more time with God and less time pleasing people.

This is not true- a true Prophet desires to be around sinners (GODS people) physically, but mentally and spiritually is in line with GOD always. This is perfect in the eyes of GOD.

I understand you but is just like you mentioned in your own statement. I am a baby of GOD and I'm not to condem and judge. GOD is consistent and doesn't care what level any human is. People or phrophets might not be perfect in their words and will b guided and corected by GOD himself not by other humans.

People Who Have Visions & They Come To Pass. You are Given A Gift From God <3 Blessings!

You know that you are a prophet when you speak in tongues of angels or of tongues of men speaking profound truth that fits every dynamic of multiple situations. The Holy Spirit never strays from what is written and it was always underlying but God put it into words and it becomes so clear! He also pours out His Spirit upon you and you are made whole when you breathe the words that you've heard while seeing the silver flame before you. There is also the fragrance of life which is an aroma that gets caught up in my thoughts and I am to speak it sincerely as someone sent by God 2 Corinthians 2:14-17.

This is not true, how do you now if around a phrophet. The true answers is through out the bible from the beginning to the very end. A TRUE prophet of GOD will always carry with him every where he goes no matter what situation the world could bring to his life . FRUIT of the SPIRITS. If any one claims to be a prophet of GOD or a leader, and doesn't master the FRUIT of the spirits is a anticrist or a lier.

Also If another Prophet tells you of The Prophetic call on your life you are to act on it for it to take effect...once you accept this Holy Gift you wil also feel great power in your body and hands "The Annointing" Of Christ a true Prophet of God and the Lord Jesus Christ Doesn't care what others may think to do Gods work...One more thing a True Prophet doesn't say somethings from God unless you kno his voice and he told you...<br />
<br />
Remember humble thy self<br />
"I Am as I Am" who God made me to be Judge not any soul<br />
<br />
Love & Light

This is not true you have to confirm the calling first with the bible. GOD is consistent and doesn't waver with thoughts of men.

It is rare to meet a fellow being who is so knowledgeable and dedicated to God. It is a true pleasure to meet your aquaintance. <br />
<br />
I am just learning to be a Prophet, however I know that the work and dedication I will be putting forth will reap rewards for the world. <br />
<br />
It brings joy to my heart to see others trying to spread God's love.