Married And Working.

I am married, yet bored. I have a pimp who pimps me out to BBC because I like it, and love ***.I enjoy BIG ones so I am well known in the area of Scottsdale as the BBC girl. He has me come to his condo and dress up to go out, hooker shoes, slutty outfits, ***** makeup and I LOVE the lifestyle, the excitement , the money we make.He sends to me to high class hotels to meet rich guys, and we entertain gentleman at his condo/office. he parades me around to Happy hour places where men hang out and we give out my business card, or most times meet someone to take home that moment.I am learning from him and he is a great pimp--fair, loving, sexy and protective.
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1 Response Jul 20, 2010

I'm her pimp and she is an excellent Hooker... she truly loves what she does