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Hey everyone. I'm thrilled to find that a site like this exists, and I've enjoyed listening to all your different voices. Before I go to bed, I thought I'd share my part.

I'm a senior in college. I'm bisexual. Almost exactly a year ago, I was feeling lonely (and horny) and I began to browse the casual encounters section of Craig's List, where I found a bustling hub of people seeking and offering sex, blow jobs, money, drugs, and a list of other perversions. I put up an ad saying I was a young male seeking an older male (actually the wording was much more profane), just to gauge number of responses I'd get. I got about 20 men saying they would love to meet me, **** me, suck me, have me suck them, eat my ***, etc. I thought, wow. I had never gotten so much attention. I felt like the most popular girl in school.

Then, as another experiment, I put up an ad asking for money in exchange for sex. I got about 8 men asking how much and to see my picture. I thought and replied, 80/120 suck/****. One of them said, sounds good. I went to his hotel room and sucked his **** for 80 bucks. We chatted for a while after, and I even got a free beer out of it. I was moving past the "experimental" phase.

Over the next few months I continued meeting up with older men, giving oral and anal sex in between classes and on weekends. I didn't particularly need the money, although it made it easy to shop more lavishly than my parents' monthly stipend would allow. Eventually, however, I stopped. I was not willing to tell any of my friends about it, and it was hard having to keep something that big a secret. I was becoming lonely and depressed. Drugs were not involved.

It was an interesting experience--I wouldn't call it positive or negative. From a financial standpoint, I considered it to be an opportunistic use of my youth, which won't last forever. I also learned that I enjoy sucking **** and being assfucked, which I suppose is good to know. I met quite a few characters, and I've painted quite a mental picture of what it's like to be a lonely, older gay man.

I'm going to stop here, but I'd love to answer any questions anyone may have.
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I enjoyed reading this, I have always wanted to help out older/lonely men with sexual services, I would do it for free but money is icing on the cake, I live in a small Republican state, so the gay population here is very small, I was thinking about doing this for cheaper prices so I have some people that want me on a regular basis, also I would like to know your body size, I am a cub and I wanna see what kind of rates would be decent for me. Im not doing this for money, but j am just naturally attracted to older guys and I love sexually satisfying them

I have done the same thing as well, i have tended to start it again when i was depressed. I am thinking about doing it again.

Also. You woulda seen so many that are not lonely or old or a combination of these two only.. ;3 if you urge again you may see this. ;D Hehehe~ Enjoyed your story.

I love your story. The way you wrote it and how you view it all. I feel like it def. Gives us way more insight as to what being a lonely older man is like. I feel like a lot of the guys, not only love our youth, but love having someone to just talk to for a bit, gay or straight obviously. I have def felt the depression part of it. But as I start to rely on sugar daddies more and less on soooo many randoms, I feel a little less like its getting out of control.<br />
I think having real friends and family and school and stuff helps a ton when it comes to getting out of that depressive funk. Its such a mix of emotions that come with the territory. Its awesome to feel so wanted andto make so much easy money from it, but on the other hand I'm getting sick of selling myself and just want to be with someone that I love and explore sexually with them rather than a bunch of older men I care nothing about.<br />
<br />
Ahh to rant. I love this site so much.