The Weirdest Fetishes..

Today at work, was the weirdest clientele i have ever had.. I normally dont find fetishes weird, no matter how different they are, but today I had a bunch of them, client after client with more 'indifferent' fetishes. I am going to list the few, and comment if you dont think they are and im just going mad:

#1) an elderly man didnt want oral or sex, he just want to smell my hair for 30mins, which got me an extra $120 for basically doing nothing.

#2) A young gentleman wanted to make like a 'goldfish' face while he was fingering me. (why that face?)

#3) One of my regular clients came today, and every time he sees me, he pays for an hour session, and all i do is stand in a corner for normal clothes on(he pays for me to put clothes on) and stare at him batting off, im not even aloud to talk,move, smile, etc at him while he does, if I do he yells at me.

#4) another elderly man wanted me to fake that i was asleep while he ****** me

#5) another client asked me to burp?!? in his face

#6) Another guy wanted to lick a wall?

So this what i have to deal with, there are so many more weird fetishes, but these are the ones that i cant understand why people pay over $120 to see me do it?

NOTE: these fetishes werent all in one day
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i also have a weird and disgusting fetish.I am a man with a fart fetish.i would pay thousands if i could afford for a black good looking prostitute with a big bum to fart in my face before we start.I erect quickly if a black good looking woman farts even if its away from me

funny n kinda wierd...but mostly they seem like ez $ that dont hurt no1 =)

How about haircutting? Has anyone asked to cut your hair?

I can get the sleep fetish, the other ones are strange.

Sleep fetish is basically a softer rape fantasy.

Any advise on how to get in the game

I hate the guys with foot fetishes

What's wrong with foot fetishes?

One of my coworkers had a client who was a fireman and he'd pay her to "fake" faint, then he'd pick her up and carry her around the room.

my experience is that over the last years customers get more kinky. probably because of internet. i try to live up to most of them just to get some extra buck, and lets face it most fetishes are quite OK and make sex more fun. It would be boring if all guys wanted a quick ******* and then **** me doggy style.

The weirdest fetish I've ran into was a guy I dated wanted me to sit on his face and fart in his mouth. Yeah.

Just my take :)

1: Totally understandable, many people get freaked out by folks who like to smell hair or w/e they do to it.

2: Goldfish face was probably what his ex made

3: Intriguing that he doesn't want you to talk or move in the slightest... don't know what to make of this one

4: Normal

5: Awesome, lol. When being dominated I like being spit on and such... never thought of burping. There are also those people into the farting thing. Lol.

6: He wanted to lick the wall? :P Or did he want you too? Would be strange if he asked if it was okay if he licked the wall, lol.

Thanks for making me feel normal.

lol yah me 2 =)

Must be the toughest job in the world - how do you do all of that with a straight face?

Peoples fetishes are images from life, books, movies, tv shows, I have been a Trannie Prostitute for a great many years since i was a teen and still am today I get asked to do many so called weird things too but a guy needs some one who will not judge or smirk at him while he indulges his fantasy/fetish that why he will pay. I ask not why but enjoy

Haha! although I don't envy you having to deal with these guys and their issues, at least you can go home knowing your day was quite different and not that boring lol, hope you're well? Gxx

The sleeping one I've had before. One guy likes it when I lick his feet. Not that weird. But the thing is he doesnt want anything else, just the feet for an hour. All I'm thinking is 'Hell, just get a dog and close your eyes' ;)

Lol! That made me laugh. I want your job!

Hmmm... I can almost relate to the hair smelling. I love the smell of womens hair. A guy usually only smells his wifes hair. Maybe the old guy was a widower. The smell of your hair probably helped him remember the good times. Smell can be a powerful trigger for memories.<br />
<br />
The others... just weird.

I learnt some thing new today :) btw you shud ask them why they hav those fetishes and will be a nice thing to write in your book.

Loved your story. it is strange what some men like. But there must be reasons for their particular tastes.


im going to make my own experience page and write day by day about it..<br />
<br />
by the way random fact just reliesed this was the 69th story ;)

just do it, girl, write!

lol maybe i should, i think after every night of work, im going to write down every thing weird and wonderful on here so people know the **** i have to go through and that the life of a hooker is not easy

I love this story. There is tenderness (the smelling of your hair) and the hilarious as well.

haha no problems, there are so many more weird ones, but these are my top 'why are you paying me to do this' fetishes