I'm A College Educated Suburban Stay-at-home Mom... And A Prostitute.

I live in a nice 2-story house on a cul-de-sac in a small Southern town. The lawn is perfectly manicured, thanks to a lawn service that comes by weekly. Behind the privacy fence in the back, there's a large in-ground pool and a patio set up for entertaining my husband's business associates and our children's friends. My husband works 40-60 hours a week and makes decent money. I stay at home with my kids, try to keep my house reasonably clean, and clip coupons.

And a few hours a week, I leave the kids with my husband and go out to meet my "Johns."

I have a bachelor's degree. Before I had kids, I had a career. I make more money now than I ever did in my 40+ hour weeks in that "legitimate" career, and this one barely takes me away from my family at all.

I meet most of my men online. They like that I'm married. Some know that my husband knows and supports me; others think I'm sneaking around. Whatever seems like the best story for each man is what I go with. Most of them think they're the only one I'm seeing outside of my marriage. They're all to happy to pay me a few hundred for whatever they're not getting.

Most of them are married and she's a b!tch, doesn't give him any, won't fulfill his fantasy, blah, blah, blah. I listen, but I don't care. For these guys, I'm the good wife to someone else, the wife they wish they had. They don't want to end their marriage, and they know that I don't, either, so they feel safe getting what they need from me. They don't bat an eye at handing me a fist full of cash or leaving it on the night stand--although I often wonder how some of them do it so often without their wives noticing...

Some are single. Some of them aren't having any luck and just want to be with a woman. These guys are usually cool with knowing that my husband knows where I am and who I'm with every single time I leave the house. They're cool with sharing a guy's wife, even if they don't know the guy. A few of them are even cool with knowing I'm really a prostitute and that I have sex with other men besides them. And I've had more than one tell me that paying me for a sure thing is way cheaper than dating long enough to finally get a girl into bed.

I'm not bikini model material. I have extra pounds and stretch marks. My breasts sag a little. I'm so pale, I almost glow. I'm real. I could be the housewife next door to any of these men--or to anyone reading this.

I'm also not a confused young woman. I wasn't abused as a kid. Both of my parents were professionals--and I don't mean prostitutes. A teacher and a doctor. I'm not forced into this by circumstance or by anyone else in my life. I did it the first time because I needed cash. I continue to do it because I like it.

I get off all the time when I'm working. I'll do some crazy things in the name of fulfilling a man's fantasy, but I've never done anything I didn't enjoy as well.

I feel beautiful when I'm working. When a man opens the door and gasps because he hasn't seen a face pic of me (can't risk people in my town finding out what I do for a living) and is just realizing that I'm not ugly, it's an amazing feeling. I wear my highest heels and my sexiest jeans every single time I go out. It's my work uniform, I suppose.

I don't watch the clock and charge by the hour. I charge by the experience instead. And the crazy thing is that I could count on 1 hand the number of men I've actually spent an hour with. They all tell me they can go for hours or forewarn me that we need to pick a time when we can be together for a couple of hours. Right. Most of them want to talk before or after. They want to complain about their jobs or wives, talk politics, just whatever. If I spend an hour with a man, that's probably why.

In short, I'm the last person anyone would suspect of being a prostitute, and I like my job.

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A close friend of mine has a similiar story. Divorced, single Mom. She is educated and a great Mother. She started escorting to make ends meet and, much like you, found she made way more money then her day job and, for the most part, loves what she does. She has a steady set of regulars so, she can be low profile. Thanks for your story!

Thanks for sharing your exp. I hope you stay safe and clean. I only wish you were located near DC. I've never visited Tenn, but if I do, will def inbox you. Is it OK? Please accept add request. THanks again ... hot momma ;)

God you sound like my wife. I thorght she was the only middle class educated house wife working like that. She enjoys her life and we are much happier now. stange I know but there it is

I love that you've been able to do this as a very satisfying sideline and integrate it into your other life. People need to hear more stories like this to realize that many of us love what we do, do it by choice, and weren't forced, abused, whatever. Plenty of girls were, I know all too well, but that's by no means true of everybody. It's nice to be in control of your own sexuality!

Nice story. How does a man find a prostitute? I seriously dont have a clue. Inless i was to drive downtown and look for hookers on the corner. Im not into that lol.

All of my clients have found me through Craigslist. I've placed ads and responded to ads. When I place an ad, I am careful not to spell it out but to word things just right, so that men who want to pay to play will get it. Something like, "I'm looking a mutually beneficial friendship in which I'll take care of your needs if you're willing to help out with mine." I occasionally get men who respond and are offended when they find out what's up, but most people with half a brain know what that means. I've also seen ads from men who will say things like "I want to spoil you," "I don't mind helping my friends with bills when they need it," or, "I'll be glad to give you gas money if you have to travel to me."

If you're anywhere near west Tennessee, hit me up. ;)

thanks for the lovely story