I Am One And "proud"

Been a prostitute for half year now and I was engaged to a man just days before I started as prostitute. So I ended a few years relationship for this and cant say I have much of regrets. Was initiated to this trade by a male friend of mine. :)
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If you enjoy it, be proud of it. Nothing wrong with the profession. Would love to hear an update from you on this.

I'm glad that you are, because that means that I have a way to have sex with you. You see, I'm not the best-looking guy and I don't have a good "game". You provide a necessary service to me.

Lived in Nevada for 30 years, so I knew a lot of prostitutes, or as I prefer, working girls. Some were totally ****** up, but most were among the nicest people you'd like to meet. I was called a "cat house pet" and never paid trick rates.

I would love to hear about your adventures

i dont know if i could be called a prostitute but i am definitely a material girl ! luv dating older men against benefits for one on ones (once in a while ) and regularly for my favorite mfm three sums !

Being a prostitute is so hot i know it sounds odd. But i really enjoy ******* a prostitute after she has worked all day and taken countless **** knowing she enjoys letting anyone with enough cash to **** you ide truely love to marry a prostitute. Knowing that my hot wife is one he knees sucking a strangers ****, or bent over allowing a strange man to use her **** for his pleasure. Is ******* hot. U go girl. I encourage my wife to suck and **** whoever she pleases. I try to put black men to the top of the list.

Interesting line of work :)