Mi Vida Loca

Ok, so I started tricking when I was 14 years old maybe before that but I was making services to the really sexy guys at my school. Well, technacelly I didn't get money out of it; I was just messing with the guys at my school but back then I just wanted to be "loved". It wasn't untill my ex case manager from this family service childern and youth put in my house that I really got involed ******* older guys for money or other things I needed. My ex case manager after he was done with my case months later we started talking though facebook. I got my first job as a waitress and then I got my first cell then thats when things started to happen. He confessed he always liked me and he said also when he first got my case he didnt know I was his client. He said he thought my sister was the client and I was my sisters mom. We ended up having sex... then I realized I have a major affext on older men because I look wwwaaaayyyy older than what i really am. So I tested out my thoery at my waitressing job with flirting. Soon a bunch of men started to look for me at my job. Men with kids began to ask me on dates, busness men wanted to be with me, men with money would reapeatedly text me saying they wanted to be with me. I was enjoyimg every bit of it because men would buy me things, take me to places, treat me like a queen, take me to amazing clubs etc.. but i ened having sex with a lot of them Now mind you I'm only 16 when this was happening... I started to go to clubs more frequent becuase the waitressing money wasnt enough anymore and I need to help my single mom of 7 kids with the bills and help her to get her meds. So i started sleeping with men that offered me everything.. money and anything eles i wanted. Many of those men were VERY attractive and I feel that I was very lucky that I didnt sleep with a creep. Mmmmm no wait i can't say that some of those guys were weirdos but anyway sometimes i miss that old life style. Sometimes i really wanna go back to it..what should i do? I did it to help my mom out especially because shes not legal in the usa so she cant be working and lets be honest waitressing money wont pay bills, 9 hungry mouths (including me), my moms meds and other stuff like clothes.If i do go back to what i was doing should i get a pimp or what because i never had one before everything i did was at clubs and "favors" for only people i felt were worthy for my time and my vigina. Believe me I've felt a lot of men hanging because i didnt feel they were good enough or cuz i would lie amd pretend like they had a chance to sleep with me and in the end leave them hanging at their house, clubs or hotels. WHAT SHOULD I DOOO??? Go back and get me a pimp or forget it..
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You gotta do what you gotta do. If you think prostitution is the only way to help your family, do it. Make sure you don't spend your money on drugs or too much material things that at the end of the day, you only want but doesn't need. You can get a pimp if that will help you if not, just go solo. Be safe. Always use condom. And most importantly save for the future.

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get back into the business! nothing better than to do what gives you pleasure ans easy cash!

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Pimp no no he will make money over you... Think what you really want in life ? what makes you happy. work hard and enjoy what you do. just watch out for STDs

what do you want?

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if you dont know then You can share your feeling with other .....Just tell everything then the result come out as soon as possible

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