Wow Am I The Only One...

... In here that is independent and doesn't have or want a pimp?

Seems a lot of girls in guys in here don't seem to do this job because they actually ENJOY it. Are there any of you in here? lol x
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Hiya, all you lovely girls.
I love it when I hear that there are those of you who love what you do. I am married and I think you save many marriages.
I'm a much older married guy in Uk.
Really, I am hoping for a local gf and lover. One stunningly beautiful girl wanted to be my occasional lover when she was 23.
She was already "on the game" in a way. she was a hotel receptionist and gave men joy in exchange for payment. She was also doing glamour modelling.
Anyway, I was very flattered when she took a shine on me. I had said that, although I wasn't a wealthy man, I would help in anyway I could. I think she was entirely on her own and liked the idea of having a much older guy as a genuine friend and lover.
I was going to help her to get a bank account and that sort of thing.
I am interested to know if some of you lovely girls do value having a lover as well and, if you haven't got one, would you like one ?
why not have a look at my profile and, if you like what you read, msg me.
If nothing else, and you want to do so, we can chat here.
Peter xx

I had 2 pimps in thailand and later also 1 in holland. Te first 1 I did not have much choice, but the later once I thought it to be safer for me. Now I already work 8 years without pimp and i know how wrong I was to think pimp is safer. most me pimps have put mental and physical pressure on me to keep working.

now i work behind window and i think is very safe. Most customers are not violent and if they do and i start scream or push button people around me start help and is over.
I have freedom to decide to work. if i don't want i do not go. but this hapen very rarely. I like the freedom, I like the money and most of time i like the sex also. i dont think i would be more happy in regular job

Ok so it was my first day, and I was wearing a black bikini, and red 7 inch heels, and I was on the poles, and I went to get a drink break, and apparently someone had requested me. I walked up to the room, and an obese old man was sitting on the bed!

He said he wanted to do a rp where he was my dads friend. He told me to go into the shower, so I ******** off in the bathroom, and had a quick shower. I stayed wet, put my heels back on and wrapped a towel around me.

I strutted out of the bathroom and started 'acting'. M= Me and D= him.

M- oh, Darrell, what are you doing here?
D- waiting for your father
M-ok I need to get dressed
D- it's alright I won't look
I went into the corner, and dropped the towel off and unbuckled my heels.
I got lifted in the air and got dropped on the bed.
M- oh what are you doing?
D- teaching you a lesson
He then ******** off, and sat on top of me. He was really heavy. He started licking my **** while I gave him a bj. He then picked me up and started fingering me.
M- I wanna go all the way (still acting)
D- ok
I gave him a condom but he threw it away.
He pushed his 9 incher into my tiny little tight *****. It took about half an hour to get all of him in me. He then squirted in my face and slapped my face with his ****.

Im new never did it but would love to try so how do i start

I've only just seen this thread, and feel very supportive.
Peter xx

I have a question how do most of you get your clients? Im new to the game and I would like some form of consistancy

my experience with pimps is that they always have some girl around that is a total drug addict that loves to give thank you..

Hi sxyprettycandy4u,
Yes, that is what happened to my beautiful wouldbe gf and lover. She was forced on to drugs and alcohol. We have lost touch for the moment. I could no longer trust her. She was threatening to tell my wife. For she wanted me.
I was very flattered, but I could not hurt my wife, whom I love.

Long story. But, I am glad you are keeping free of all that.
Peter xxxxx

I am an independent! why would I give all of my money to some guy? I worked my *** off... sometimes literally lol for it!!!

I've only just seen this thread, and feel very supportive.
Peter xx

I am independent as well. I've never fully understood the desire or need for a pimp. I know how some girls get involved, but not why they would choose to.

hi my paerner n i work as male gay rent boys been on the game since as college. no pimp we have our own client list. we both have proper jobs but injoy sex so why not get paid for your hobby

I love what I do and I don't need a pimp. Hubby does everything a pimp does and only takes 10%, and that is to pay for dresses, lingerie, Stockings, condoms, and such.

Baby, what a wonderful arrangement.
Peter xx

yes me me me

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Peter xxxxxxxxxx

No, you're not the only one; I'm proud to say that I don't have or want a pimp either, like you, I guess. Kisses!

U because u want to "man" required!!!