I Am Going To Start Working In Hamburg

Next Friday i will start working fulltime in Hamburg. I am so excited about that.

I have signed a contract with a pimp there and i am going to work in a brothel outside the center of Hamburg. I am also going to work on the street. I am not scared about that. In fact i am excited about trying that too.

I have quit high school to go there. Maybe it is stupid of me but i have decided to follow my dream. I really love working as a prostitute during weekends at the motel where i work now so i have decided to try working fulltime.

Alexanderlady Alexanderlady
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3 Responses Dec 9, 2012

Glad to hear you like your new life!! :-D

Yes i love working in Hamburg. I have been very busy during the whole Christmas. Last weekend i started street walking. It was a big step for. You can see my story about that.

Love Alexandra :-)

WOW,thanks for sharing honey,wish i could join you,,we could be a tag team,,so long the guys are bisexual,but my wishing and aside,,stay safe honey,,,,let us know if you become rich,,but please be careful,,goodluck,,xxx