I've Been Out Of The Game For 2 Years

Does anyone know of any support groups for ex prostitutes. I used to be deep in the game with a old school veteran pimp. I have since left 2 years ago and the emotions are coming out. I find it very lonely out here in the square world and can't seem to really make friends or relationships with men work. I could really use a support group in the area of Atlanta, GA. If you know any please let me know. I feel like I am constantly crying, talking to walls, and could really use a few friends or support group of others who are cut from the same cloth as me and understand the inner battle I am dealing with. Thanks.  

PS - I am starting to feel really tempted to go back with my ex folks and return to my old ways.  Currently I am a webcam girl and still perform sexual acts for money.  I don't believe in doing it without the safety of a pimp... I guess you could say I'm an in pocket hoe and follow the rules and regulations.  I'm starting to feel like this is where I belong and maybe I should just go back to my ex folks and continue our life together as pimps and hoes.  I was with him for a very long time.  He took care of me like no other man or pimp.  I was in my best shape with him and felt very secure and had stability.  Now I'm out here alone in the world with no one who understands me and I sit at a computer waiting for the next pervert to pay me for a virtual cam show.  I left to find a deeper meaning in life other than the flash and the cash.  I don't know if I made the right decision in leaving.  I'm torn between two worlds.  I am just a baby in the square universe learning to walk and talk again and getting rejected and judged left and right.  Makes me wonder.... I was so deep in the game I feel like I belong to the game.  It molded me, raised me, and is a big chapter in my life.  It's still a part of my essence.  I really feel like I need to go back and leave all this square non-sense of true love and friends behind.  I don't want to be a prostitute... but in order to be with the only man who treated me with any kind of respect and human dignity I have to be a prostitute.  Now I know a lot of people look at pimps as ****** up people.  But I did have a good experience with my pimp and it was the closest I ever got to living a normal life and being somewhat happy.  So please refrain from trash talking pimps or my thoughts.  I really don't need anymore of that.  I get enough of that from the world everyday when I am really trying this square **** out and trying to be a good person.  Don't kick me while I'm already down guys.  Thank you in advance.
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if your in montreal there's Stella

Did you ever find help?
Contact me if you need help

I had a female pimp who was like a mother to me. Getting out was emotionally exhausting. I had no friends, no family, I had to lie about a huge chunk of my life and who I am, and no one understood. Apparently prostitutes suffer higher rates of post traumatic stress disorder. It is so hard to fit in to normal society afterwards, and very tempting to go back. I have also been looking for support groups but have not found any in nz. Maybe we have to be the change we want to see.

ephesians 3.blog.com
This my blog a ministry tool for women like us. I got out the game and overcame my emotional turmoil. If you have questions I have answers


There is a program called "hookers for jesus" that is an outreach ministry. Just google that name.
I hope you can find help and stay strong, god loves you and you deserve better. Try to forgive yourself and realize money does not equal happiness and there is no such thing as easy money. everything comes at a cost. better it be hard word than your soul and self esteem.

I have been out of the game for about three years. I understand exactly how you feel. Its tough because you have to learn how to reintegrate yourself back into society. You have to learn to stop thinking like a ho. People are not very street smart out there. The way we think and act is diffrent than than the way "squares" think. You have to push yourself to change.
I can also understand how its very hard when you are alone, confused, lost, and with no one you can trust or befriend. You have to change your job, you cant surround yourself around anything that brings you back to the lifestyle. You needto find peoplewho understand you. Surround yourself with humble people. You have to want to change to make change. You need friends who support you. Thats how we get out and stay out.

I am a retired OG I don't like saying the P word. When you mentioned ATL it brought back memories. I wonder what became of Lil Bobby from NY AKA Easy, Snoop, Atlanta Silk. Young Cashmare got smoked out there before I left the game. If you still got it in you do what makes you happy. If you are seeking advice, It's not a good move. I feel the same way, no one is compatible with me unless they have been in the game. That's why Im single. I hope you make the right decision.

As a former hooker, with a pimp, I'd say what you are missing is the love and respect you got from him, not the game itself. I know what you mean about the square world being a weird place. I'm not sure what to do with myself sometimes, like if you quit smoking.

I think you can find someone who will love and respect you outside the game, and I'd advise you to look to that. It sounds corny but a dating service or a church are places you can find good men who are not going to judge you. Just be honest and I think you'll be amazed.

I find some of this stuff *way* too preachy, but it can help: prostitutionresearch.com/services.html.

not sure where you are but I am attending a group the website is beautyfromashes.com
there are groups around the country post where you are I will see if I can help you find one. be strong & dont look or go back remember why you were blessed enough to get away alive & free. sending love light peace guidance & protection your way.