My Debut As Street Hooker

I have now been working for four weeks in Hamburg as full time prostitute. During the whole Christmas i have been working at a brothel and i like it. Last saturday i had my first night on the street an it was really a big step for me. I had never thought that i would ever become a street hooker - but now i am.

As i left the car that brought me to the place where i was going to pick up my clients i felt very nervous but also very excited. I was really excited to see who would be my first client. It was also a special feeling for me to be dressed up in very sexy clothes at a very public place. I was dressed up in high heeled laced boots and latex clothes. Everyone could see i am a hooker.

I had only been standing for about 10 minutes as a man approached me and asked me if i was prepared for sucking his **** and having a ****. He also asked me if i was prepared to let him *** inside me. I said yes and we agreed a price. Then we walked about 200 meters to a sex shop where we hired a cabin.

As soon as we entered the cabin i kneeled down in front of him as he opened his pants. He pulled out a nice big erected ****. It smelled a bit of ****. I took it into my mouth and began to suck on it. I knew that he wanted me to take his **** deepthroat so i began to prepare myself for it. He began to press his **** deeper into my mouth and i positioned my head to take his **** in my throat. He took my hair and pressed my head hard against his **** so i was forced to take his **** deep in my throat. He held my hard fixed until i started gagging. Then he pulled out again but only for a short time for me catch my breath. Then he pressed his **** back in my throat again. He really went deep. He continued doing that for maybe 10 times before he wanted to **** me.

I laid down on my back on the matress in the cabin. The plastic cover on the mattress felt cold. The he pulled of my panties and started lubricating my ***. Then he entered me. I could feel his **** slowly making its way up in me. Then he started ******* me. In the beginning he ****** me slowly but i could him going very deep. I really felt i was being ****** the right way. The he began to increase the speed. Suddenly i could feel that he was about to ***. I begged him to *** in me and so he did :-)

As he pulled out i could feel that my *** was filled with *** and it was running out. I turned over to him and licked his **** clean again.

Before leaving the cabin he paid me and i went back to the same place where i had been standing when he picked me up. After this i did not feel nervous anymore. I was now prepared for my next client and he came after only 15 minutes!
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I love the way you suck a **** with deep throat... love you..

great story