Why I Became a Prostitute...

  My mum was a hooker before I was born and she worked as one when I was younger. When my parents split up, due to dad finding out that mum was 'on the game' I stayed with him whilst she continued with her career...

   When I was 11 or maybe 12 my mum, who was still a prostitute, used to get in touch with other girls and help to educate them into prostitution. Discuss the pitfalls and all that stuff. One of her friends was a hooker called Tracy...she was 13 and loving it. When I used to read the emails I found it all quite I wanted my mum to show me.

    Obviously she wouldn't...but I gave her grief for about a year or two and she gave in. I became a prostitute when I was 14 and, being 24 now, I've been in the business for 10 years. A good achievement I feel.

     I enjoy sex and I enjoy the money...what could be better than combining the two?


      Martika Duponte


Martika Martika 26-30, F 126 Responses Sep 20, 2008

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good to know your experience..

Any adobe on how to get in the game

You've just got to love a woman who is not a hypocrite or a stuck-up pseudo-princess. As the Marquis de Sade said, pleasure is the only way to find roses along the thorny path of life.

I met a part-time prostitute once. She was hitchhiking and I gave her a lift. I found it interesting that she did it because she enjoyed sex and getting paid for the sex. She watched interestedly as I stroked my **** for her as I drove down the highway then I let her off at her destination. She invited me for a go with her, but unfortunately I didn't have enough cash on me at the time. Would love to meet her again. Nice (bad!) girl.

I like to have sex with you plz tell me how mch bugs do u charge for one nite or one shot

Nothing could be better!

Is the money all that

It is!!!


Sounds like a good life

That's what I ask!!!

Martika xx

Thanks April. Yeah, this is me....for better....for worse...

Martika xx

My owner loves what she does, babe. That's what she is....that's what she does. That's what she loves.....and I love her for showing me this life!

Love 'n spunky kisses,

April xx

not right, you can do so much more.just saying.

My life, eh? Kinda cool.....


Martika xx

Money and sex it what makes this world go around, sounds like you have made it work for you.Great story!

As I've wrote tirelessly's up to them....

Martika xx

wondering if your daughters would continue family tradition

You bet I do!

Martika xx

You rock babe!

would like so much to bed part of ur life..even for a while

Yep indeed! Thanks....

Martika xx

Read my 'I Had Sex At An Early Age' posting, or check out my blog entries...a series called 'Slags To *******', in 4 parts...

Martika xx

how did you lose your virginity?

My career....I'm happy...

Martika xx

Not my place to judge. If it works for you, that's great.

God help you to stop

Very Stuff writing, really.

Thanks CMB.... I hope you mean my writing is good too? Lol!


Martika xx

Yes it is.

Cool! Thanks....see what you think of my blogs in general....think there's lots of stuff there that would 'excite' you....


Yep, I live - and work - in Derbyshire in England....

Martika xx

Yes it will indeed excite you! Makes one one a ticket to the UK!

Well....that was a "why" question, wasn't it? Check out my blogs, specifically the 'Slags To *******' ones, parts 1-4....and you'll have my whole life history up until last year...

Martika xx

Ps....and, yeah, that is me! Thanks....