Lost and Turned Out

i started selling ***** the day after my 13th birthday,i sold my virginity for $364 dollars. at the time i was told i had to pay to stay(a family member told me this), and i had to grow up real quick after that. i started at truck stops then at about 15 i started working the track,i liked the track better because i got a lot more attention. i was a gorgeous little light skinned (cuban and black), jet black hair, nice body, little bonafide prostitute. i liked the attention from pimps and other prostitutes,i felt like i was a hot commodity. i traveled from state to state stacking money like i was a celebrity for awhile,then i had my first few bad dates or experiences or whatever you want to call them...ha, i kept hearing you better have a pimp or you won't survive in this game...i still didn't choose. then i turned 22 and decided i was tired of getting into situations and not having someone to have my back, i chose a pimp. this is making me so sad......anyways now the feds have locked my pimp up and i have been on my own again....i'm tired, real tired. i'm 29 years old,i'm not as attractive as i used to be,and i'm really all alone. i don't have any kids or friends or family (that care about me any), unless i'm doing something for them. i want out but the game just calls me back because it makes me feel wanted or desired, or i feel i don't have to be alone. i don't know, ****, it is what it is, i guess i just felt like venting.

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My daughter has recently got into prostitution at the age of 20 because she is chasing what she thinks is quick and easy money. My heart is broken and I cannot talk her out of it cause she consistently lies about it and is determined. I am lost and do not know how handle this. I've thought trying to take her to counseling or taking extreme measures by reporting her to the police before something bad happens to her. My thought is I would rather see her in jail or even scared by the possibility of facing jail time rather than something bad happening to her. Anyone with advice please help!!!

I am glad you are delivered from the trap you were in. I hope you remain free and that God will continue to bless your life. if you ever wish to share your story with other young women who are struggling with prostitution and other problems in their lives, send me an email at swarndw at yahoo.com. We'

Babe head up high. Its not the end of your life. I know its hard to stay happy without any company or support. I will pray for you cause your a great women, i know it by how you speak. you let it all out and thats a good thing, i really do hope the best for you<3

Wow. I think this is the first real life story I've read about being a prostitute. I could tell by the way u describe the game drawing u back. Also, normal people don't even know what "choosing" means.

Thank you for sharing. please keep writing.

wow I'm sorry.

Can you please give me advise on how to start??

advise you how to start what hunny? if you are talking about getting into the life i would never advise you to do anything like that...that is not a good life baby...there is so much more to life and better things to do to advance in life...please don't make this choice....if you really need to talk please let me know

If you have some knowledge for me drop it on me cause the money and lifestyle is attracting me in the worse way I haven\'t started but feel like I really want to try it.

If you do, just don't do the drugs because that is where your money will start going to and your looks will take a dive very fast.

SEEK JESUS lady. You been the game for x amount of years and it seems that your not happy you know you want more out of life. Choose Now Choose today to no longer let what happened to you at the tender age of 13 define your future. Right now things are a mess for you but God is waiting to turn your mess into a miracle.
what dreams and goals did you have before all this started?
Its never too late to start a new path and get back on the right path! Ive been there, done that and been delivered!! SO can you sweetie!!
Do you believe? John 3:16
Confess your sins, your problems, your worries to him. 1 John 1:9-10

I understand you're story. I was a prostitute out in California. I've been all over and I'm 20 years old. I started when I was 13.

its been a few years since i posted this and i havent gotten bacc in the game since....i thank god daily for bringing me outta that situation and making me stronger...i pray you dont ever go bacc either sweetie...i dont knocc anybody in it but it just isnt for me....if u ever wanna talk or need some words of encouragement let me know

You are not alone! Have you ever thought about getting a nice job or going back to school? Friend of mine was hard core addict before she went to church.
The choice is yours. You are still young. Move out of state. Meet a nice guy have a kid and live happily ever after. Good luck sister

i started selling ***** the day after my 13th birthday,i sold my virginity for $364 dollars.

What did you buy with the 364 dollars that you got paid to lose your virginity? :(

Oh Sweatie, there are some great posts on here, not all !! The ones that encourage, and let you know there is help, and the Lord wants to take your mess, and make it into a message !!! Is 1-18 says I woill take your sins though they be Red as Scarlet, I will make them WHITE as SNOW. That's for you ! It was for me ! I had no idea the restoration available through Jesus. However from way back he did not allow the Prostitute to be stoned. My story mirrors yours, and when I found out that there was a Lord, that loved me, knew where the torture began, I had nothing to loose !!! Before, I left NewYork City, I knew within everything in me if I went back one more time, I'd be flown home in a BODY BAG, by the age of #20. Please take baby steps, I promise God will do the rest. You are still breathing, meaning HOPE !! Street's are the biggest lie, meant to chew you up, and spit you out ! (TRUTH) If I did not know it, and believe for you too, I'd never respond. Feel free to contact me 660-221-3550

It is your life, body and soul. Do whatever is best for you.

Keep selling that *** baby, dont give up. There are people out there who need your services!

It's ok I am in the same boat k

its do sad to read your story.... it shows that you want real love and a caring man.. if you dont mind you can share your life with me..... i feel happy to hold your hands...

God is with you. We all are sinners and we all make decisions that in the long run are not good for us. Maybe you can save other girls by sharing your story. You can heal by helping others. I think your never too old to find your true purpose. God bless you. I love you. I know that sounds crazy but this pastor told me this last Sunday and I was like WHAT? But he said we become to proud. God loves us all. Share the love. So I'm giving some to you today. I hope this helps. I want you to know I'm not judging you. I too have dealt with similar sittuations. I just want to let you know your never alone.

I know exactly what you are going through. I went through the same things. I was in the game for 22 years. I got knocked and woke up. When I woke up I was 41 years old with a long record and 2 kids. I found my talent and focused on it. I turned my talent into a legit business that is now paying my bills. I write to vent and it helps a lot. I just wrote a book about the game (Street Life.) I am ashamed of what I have done but im dealing with it. I wish I could apologize to everyone that I hurt. I believe the only people that is really going to understand what we go through is people in the game or been around it for a long time.

God alone can transform your life and fill the gap that needs to be filled- lotsa times we fill that gap with different things, but it's not too late to change! I hope you get better in life

I'll hold your hand. I don't care if you are or have been a prostitute. I am lonely, too.

i feel you girl, i feel ya! i can tell by the way you write you should be in jounalism maybe. you're really articuate, build on that if you can, there are so many student loans that will actually pay all of your bills while you go to school. Don't be scared, just take one class at a time. it's scary, but if i can do it, you can do it :) Take a leap of faith...

Lots of good advice here. I just thought I'd throw in a different thought.<br />
For many yrs I dreamed of maybe running into a prostitute who wanted to get out of the business. Just so I could hopefully marry her, if we hit it off ok. There are many men out here that would love an ex hooker. I feel your heart and i hope you find a happy place in life. don't give up!

Stay down for your crown girl be good to the Game and the Game will be good to you! Don't pay these squares no mind they don't understand the Game. But it is a stepping stone and one has to upgrade to something better but working a minimum wage 9-5 is not an upgrade it is a downgrade. The square world abuses people financially everyday and they have little or nothing. Square women sell sex to their husband or boyfriends in an indirect way so they are hypocrites who can't say nothing or give you any type of advice. In parts of Nevada where prostitution is legal they don't discourage you so why do they hate on it everywhere else? Well because people are brainwashed pawns and slaves for the system. The problem with people in the Game is not having an exit strategy when one gets to old to play the Game on that level. So stay strong Cuban Cutie!!

Girl don't give up! All I can say is believe in your self your the pilot of your life!

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If you are a survivor and became a prostitute because of abuse PLEASE share your story.

Think about it. Your best skills are dealing with people, making them believe something and getting paid for it. That's the job description of a sales person. Also, office managers aren't much different from pimps. You've got more options than you know.<br />
<br />
When you change, you'll find people who accept you as you.<br />
<br />
Hang in.

Turn it around, you can do it! Im sure there must be something you've always wanted to do?? you can make it happen, go for it!

I'm sorry to hear the sadness in your words look there are allot of good men out there that will treat you right. Don't give up.

I understand how you feel. How do you get out, how do you live a normal life. Will your friends and husband all know you were a prostitute? Will you ever be able to enjoy real love making?

You are better than this. You shouldn't feel "stuck" doing anything. Stop abusing your body--you deserve REAL love and REAL attention from someone who truly cares about you!

i'm really confused i dont know what i'm goin to do....i feel the need to continue in the game cause it's really all i know....and my faith is being tested a lot lately...so i don't have anyone or anything to believe in anymore

It is so sad to think that someone feels so stuck in a game. The only thing about this one; is that there are no good outcomes to it. I am going to pray for you. You are a worth while person who deserves love and care. I hope this all works out. I hope you find help. God Bless!