I Deserved It

Well girls i got what i deserved today. I have been having trust issues for a long time. Coleton had enough. Yep im no longer a Airforce girlfriend. Its killing me I dont think i can go on i have tried to say im sorry but i know it means nothing.I screwed up. I just wish i could  take it all back 
wingwoman wingwoman
18-21, F
2 Responses May 9, 2012

Thank you so much girl.

I m so sorry to hear this....i hope everything gets better for u.....whatever happens has a reason behind it....so keep going with the flow n things will definitely start working out.....i also hav these issues....its coz of his family that we dont get much time....many a times....we hav had arguments regarding it vt now i dont expect that time coz in a way i know his parents r nt at fault....they dont know abt us.....so they make plans acc to them..... U dont worry....i'll suggest u nt to take any decision in d heat of the moment....just calm down n let him also calm down....then u both can talk n resolve d issues......give him some space.....god bless u....take care!!