I'm Feeling Like A Terrible Gf...should I?

I have realized that I cannot go to my boyfriend's graduation from Basit Training and it's upseting me soooo much. Not only is it going to be a crucial time at school but also right before thanksgiving but I don't have the money to fly or drive down there.. I've never traveled by myself, I would have no idea where I'm going or what I'm doing..I'm so proud of him for what he will have accomplished and i want to share that moment with him so badly. To have that hug...but i can't and I feel like i'm failing him.

All I can do is give him my excitement from miles away, and it doesn't seem like it's enough. He deserves more....He says he understands and that he is ok with it, it's no big deal, but i still feel like i should be there. to support him...

Should I feel like this or just accept it?
evansgirl8 evansgirl8
18-21, F
1 Response Sep 24, 2012

unfortunatly you need tou just accept it. Our job is to be strong and be here for them. even though its only basic he is still dealing with alot and I think he would rather know u are ok and happy and haveing good days and being there for him then worry if u are ok or sad, I mean of course they love us so they will be here for us but we gotta be strong... sorry I know thats not what we want to think, but its the truth,