Ways I Am Keeping My Mind Busy....what About You?

So Evan is away at Basic training so i'm trying to do things to keep my mind busy, not to forget about him, or try not to miss him, but to just make the time pass more quickly.

First of all i started a project to keep myself busy but it is also a present for him when he graduates. I am making a scrapbook with a daily entry of something interesting that happend to me that day, or anything that happend that day and a daily picture to go with it. Like the first day says "I burned my neck with my flippin curling iron!!" and took a picture of the burn to put with it. I'm a pretty silly person and all of these things is what I would have sent as a random text message to him that always made him smile lol I am doing this every day until he graduates and then mailing him the final product to his tech school.

I also decided that since he is most definately going to be coming back totally RIPPED i should work out and look good for him too. So as of this week I am going to start working out. Nothing extreme just to tone up.

I am also going to start really cracking down on my schoolwork to get really good grades so he will be as proud of me as I am of him.

And lastly, I am writing him a letter about my thoughts, feelings, anything i did that day (that isn't in my scrapbook) in a letter and addressing it, stamping, it and sending it out each morning. Without fault. One letter per day. It lets me vent and feel like I'm talking to him.

Something else to keep my mind busy and feel closer to him is researching what the USAF is having them do each week in basic. By going to the official USAF website they have a rundown of everything they are learning and doing plus videos and pictures. There is also a Facebook page called USAF baisc training or something along those lines that has pictures posted of the people in training, so hopefully (fingers crossed) they'll end up posting some with my Evan in them :)

How are you guys keeping your mind busy and making time pass more quickly?
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thats awsome that u will get to see him for Christmas Idk if I will get to see Grant for christmas or not becuase he will already be stationed at edwards. I hope though it will be our first christmas together as a couple. since he has been gone he has missed 6 of our annaversarys and my bday. I cant wait till he is home and we can just Be together lol. What flight is Evan in?

he's in 709 and i hope he does! how long have you two been together?

we will have been together for 9 months when he comes home. and he will have been gone for 6 months. i know its not long, but he is the love of my life and i am soo blessed to have him

I totally get that. me and evan have been with each other for over a year. But when our guys come back, our loves will be even stronger! I mean, this is like the ulimate test for a relationship.

exactly. so did u know evan was joining the air force when u guys started dating

no he decided about 9 months into it. Soon after we started talking of marriage. Just waiting for him to leave brought us closer and waiting for him to come home should bring us even closer than that! I've beenwith him through every step so far.

ya see on our first date he asked me if i would be ok with a fast pace relationship because he was leaveing for basic in may so I knew wat was going on. thanks for being here to talk to it has been nice!!!!!!

youre Welcome and thank you also! yea i never thought i would date a military man just because it's hard. but if you love him it's worth it all :)

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Well first off I work 40 hours a week which is nice lol. I am also keeping a journal everyday so I can tell him what happans. Grant actually graduated in July and he will be coming home from tech school in 20 days. I also try to have dinner with his family once a week so that I can talk with them. Once they get to tech school it gets way eaiser because they can basicly call anytime they want. Grant calls me at least once a day so we can talk which is amazing. Just remember to stay strong. When does Evan graduate? I hope the time passes fast for both of you, I know keeping busy made the time go fast for me.

he graduates in November around Thanksgiving. I wish I could spend more time with his family. But they think i'm "not practical" and they think we are going to break up so there is kind of a wall between me and them. Evan thinks they are crazy obviously lol I can't wait until he is in school, i wanna skype him and everything and his recruiter told him that he will get 10 days to come home for Christmas :D