15 Days Later

It's been fifteen days today that Nick left for basic. My grandfather was drafted, years and years ago obviously. My grandmother waited for him for two years and when he got back from being stationed in Germany (he was very lucky), they got married. They've since been divorced for as long as I can remember but she remembers the struggles she had waiting and every time she sees me cry she cries with me. This doesn't make me feel better, but it's nice to know she understands. My step mother's brother was in the 82nd airborne division of the army for years and is now out and her sister was in the army for a few years. My aunt married her husband who was also in the army. I never truly appreciated what my family has been through, but I can't believe they all survived and came out the other end of these journeys unscathed. they all warned me it was going to feel like forever before I heard from him, but jeez Louise, I'm freaking out here. Some people told me it would be two weeks before I heard anything, some said longer. Does anyone remember how long it was into basic before they got a letter/phone call? The not knowing is killing me. It's hard to look forward to something I feel like I'll never get.
LiviaRose LiviaRose
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1 Response Jan 17, 2013

I think we're in the same boat! Drew left the 3rd and I haven't heard anything yet :( I've red that they can't send letters until after two weeks so you should expect one a week or so after that. He did call his parents last Sunday and say that he will get a 10 minute phone call every Sunday, I'm going over there this Sunday to see if he calls again. It's so hard checking that mail box every single day like a crazy woman and being disappointed each time.. But I know when that first letter finally does come it will be amazing! Hope you hear something soon and I will be sure to post when I get my first one to give others somewhat of a timeline! Stay strong!!

It's so hard right now. We were only together three months before he left and everything felt perfect. I've never been so close to someone and having that ripped away was an indescribable feeling. Nick hasn't even called home yet. No one had heard anything. I'll post about my first letter too. I check the mail everyday and I know the first day I get a letter I'm going to jump up and down like a crazy person. I miss him so much. Maybe our boyfriends will graduate at the same time!