Proud Air Force girlfriend doesn't suit me... I am more than a girlfriend but my man hasn't asked me to actual marry him yet. Plus I'm a soon to be proud Air Force girlfriend... He hasn't signed yet. Anthony is my boyfriend of 2 years on and off. I'm Sam:) He's 19 soon to be 20 as of the 12 of July and I am already 20. We have been through so much already. I'm kinda nervous about him being in the military but I'm work through it. We have had our ups and down. Right now..... We are kinda in a up I would guess lol. We have been having a bit of a rough patch due to a misunderstand about my days of ovulation and well you ladies know what that means..... Yup your right I could be pregnant.

Now I'm going to take you back a little bit more. I just got kicked out of my sister house because well the nice way to say it is that she is bipolar and can't keep a job but yet this is my fault. So I have been staying at his house with him and his mom. Little did I know that yesterday his mom asked me to stay.

We are waiting on his recruiter to get back to him about some of his paperwork. He still has to do the medical and sign so I guess why I made this is so I'm not alone with his mother while he does to basic...

I'm sorry for the drama. That's just the way my family is and always will be.

If your military wife's/ girlfriend...ect could leave me some advice or even message me that would be great.
Thanks so much.
Talk to ya later
Samilynn246 Samilynn246
22-25, F
Jun 30, 2014