So Proud Of My New Airman

My Husband graduated From Lackland July 2nd :) I am sooo thrilled that BMT is finally over!! I had the best week with him. It seemed like he had fallen in love with me all over again!!! He was so Sweet!! BMT really was good for him!! It was SOOO hard not to hold hands in public though :( 
So Now he is at Keesler In Mississippi!! And He will be there until around next May! My Son and I (18 month old Collin) will be HOPEFULLY moving there in Sept!! Collin didnt get to go with me to Texas sooo maybe we will get to go visit Stephen (my husband) in the next few weeks. Im  not sure how the phasing works at Keesler though. Does anyone have an info they can give me??
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Not an air force wife yet, my boyfriend of three years is more than likely going into the Air Force. We recently graduated high school and he thinks he would greatly enjoy it and that it would be a good decision in the long run for us. My main concerns are him being safe and us being able to see each other. I know I dont get to see him while he is at BMT:( but how often will I get to talk to him? Also when he is finished with BMT and he gets shipped somewhere or goes to technical school do I get to go with him? We are planning on getting married. I would really love to know how all of this works it would help me tremendously.

Melissa when they are in uniform you are not allowed to hold kiss (unless its a peck) or hug for a long period of time. it sucks.

Why can't you hold hands with him in public just curious?

hey so nice to see someone else on here who is married with a baby! my husband will graduate in two weeks and we have a 20 month old and a 6 month old :) im not taking them with me either. i really just wanted some alone time with my husband! its been really good for him as well. i feel like he appreciates me more. anyways im not to the phasing stage yet or id help you out but congrats to you and your airman! so happy you finally got to see him :)