I Know It's a Strange Concept

I know my president is a liar. I know we look terrible to the rest of the world. I know we're fighting a war for oil and naming it a holy war. I know we're fat and sexually oppressed. I know America's God is capitalism. I know we're obsessed with celebrities and commercial goods. But you know what... I love it here. I've been to lots of places and even at the lowest we have it good. The average person has access to food, water and electricity. Those are luxury's in some parts of the world. We also have a democracy (albeit one that's decinigrating before our eyes). In this democracy we could potentially change everything that happens here if we really wanted to. Complacency is our true enemy. All of that though, does not stop me from being a patriot. I believe that this country is a representation of those that choose to let it be this way, bu *** has the potential to become something truly amazing.
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3 Responses Aug 5, 2007

I agree, we may have some messed up politicians but as for a free place to live, America is the best! <br />
But I do get confused when the statement is made that the war is about oil. If it were, wouldnt oil prices be lower? Wouldnt it mean that since we are over there we have control over the price? All this time I thought OPEC was in control of the oil?

the only way our country will be what our founding fathers wanted it to be will be when all Americans start doing there part and voting into office people that want to serve and not want to have power.<br />
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We have to get past party lines, we have to stop worring about which party has more control. There is too much waste and the US needs to clean up it's own back yard and stop trying to clean up everyone elses. <br />
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Our founding fathers did not want us to have alliances with other countries. Our leaders do not lead nor conduct themselves or the business of this country according to what the constitution says. <br />
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Until we get back to the laws of the constitution we will continue to watch our country fall closer and closer into a socialist socity. That is not what our fore fathers wanted and faught for.<br />
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America needs to wake up.

i totally agree. kudos!