It's All A Bit Complicated

Me & this guy have known each other for about a year and a half. We've liked each other since we met. There was always some kind of deeper connection there that I didn't really get at first. December 2009 he was home for Christmas from AIT, we had been talking before then & had decided to start dating the night before he left back out to go back to AIT in Virginia. Well a week later we were on the phone talkin about how he would be gone for a really long time, how he'd be going to New York to fort drum soon, & eventually being deployed. WELL, I decided I didn't wanna have to wait on anyone for that long of a time so we decided to just be friends. We still texted and talked pretty much daily. There was still that deep connection between us. He was just home July 10-July 25, 2010. & we hung out every single day durring those 2 weeks making as many memories as possible. His family loves me, I love them. My family loves him, & he loves them. August 25 he is getting deployed to Afghanistan so this was our last chance to be with him until after he gets back from over seas. Those 2 weeks I spent with him made me realize that that deeper connection we had was love. & I want to be with him no matter how long I have to wait. Sunday when we dropped him off at the airport (me, of course, crying like a baby) he looked me in the eyes & he said "i love you". I said it back to him meaning every word. That was one of the hardest days for me knowing that I won;t be able to see him for a really long time. I've never been through anything like this. I don't know how to handle it. I know that when August 25th comes around, I'm gonna be a nervous wreck. Not knowing if he's okay over there is gonna kill me. SO if you've been through this or are going through it now & you have any suggestions PLEASE let me know. None of my friends understand what I'm going through. & everyone thinks I'm crazy for wanting to be with someone that is gonna be so far away for so long. But to me, he's the only guy I wanna be with so why not make that  commitment right? I don't wanna be with anyone BUT him so why stay single?

He's my boyfriend, my soldier, my hero.
Thanks for reading my story :)
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I'm in pretty much the same boat! Except my soldier was a highschool friend who I became close to online while he was in AIT then fell for completely when he came home for a couple weeks, He's stationed pretty far away now. Right before he left for his flight, he told me he loved me. And I had realized the night before I loved him. That was last Sunday.
So, I'm definitely an understanding ear. (:

Just be careful. Men who go to war are 80 percent more likely to become violent with there spouses and children

Just be strong, he will be home. I have been Through this. It is hard, and you will cry, and it will break your heart but once he comes back what was there will only be stronger. <br />
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It is a uniquely military situation, and if you, like me, have no one around you who knows that military lifestyle then seek some out. Find a wife, girlfriend, or mother of someone in his unit and reach out to them no matter how far away they live from you. You have no idea how much a phone call can help.<br />
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I ran away to stay with a highschool friend who had served and was currently married to someone in the service. Just having her to talk to and to welcome me when no one in my family or hometown understood what the waiting really felt like. She talked me through the panic attacks when he told me how he was, and I didn't believe him. And she took me in for two months when it was roughest. <br />
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We are now happily married, and no longer attached to the military in anyway. Civilian life is something we do not talk for granted after 2 years stationed in Korea, and 15 straight months in Iraq. And never underestimate the power of being a spouse, the military does not recognize girlfriends as people, just get married. If you love him military people get married for much much less, getting married for love is rare.