Oh My...

Well my nephew is grown.  He is working full time, has his own apartment, takes care of himself (not always asking for handouts), and is in a band that is just getting started.  He is... Umm.... Oh I don't think I will say his age.  Everytime I do, it makes me feel old.

My niece is grown as well.  She works full time, lives with her boyfriend, and is pregnant with her first child.  A girl.  I can't wait to dote on her...  Anyway...  She is also going to make me feel old if I state her age.  LOL.

Then there is my "nephew/Godson".  He is the son of my bff.  He is 10 months old today (Feb 11th).  He is the biggest joy in my life just now.  And, we do love each other!  He knows that he is going to get "luvins" when I walk in.  He looks at me, and smiles so bright that it basically radiates off of him, and then he claps or waves (his only two tricks so far).  Then he raises his arms to be picked up.  He has me wrapped so tightly around his little finger!!!  *sigh*

skinnybitch skinnybitch
26-30, F
Feb 11, 2009