Aussie, Aussie, Aussie.. Oi.. Oi.. Oi

I have no particular story - its more of a feeling to share... a feeling of pride.

Australia (at least for me) is generally speaking a warm, wise, witty and welcoming country. 

And as such;  offers continual 'era' development and 'indigenous and multi-cultural' learning, tolerance and nurturing. 

Its a country that has a sense of global belonging, contribution and responsibility towards this our earth, its people, its animals and environment. 

In living here - we always know and respect - we are a small part of a bigger world and a much bigger universe!

Its not perfect (nor could I imagine it to ever be - its our Aussie way to want  to remain unpretentious and as fresh and as changeable as possible - these also being valued qualities) still Australia is an ideal region in which - though born here - is more importantly the place I  choose to live!



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Amen to that mate! Too right, you are..

Our position of"world War 3 has started!....Pass us another beer Dahl!<br />
We are a relaed people....Most of the time<br />
We can have a laugh at ourselves....Most of the time<br />
We enjoy our sports......Where did you learn to throw a ball lije that...UMP?<br />
We can luugh with our Prime Minister...All the Time!<br />
YES, YES Yes, I love AUSTRALIA!<br />
(p.s...Our girls are better than Californian girls....Sorry, THEY ARE!!

I'll second that!