Proud Canadian

I am a proud Canadian.  We may have higher taxes but our health care is mostly free and covered by those taxes.  I am choose which religion I want to be part of.  I have freedom bought by the blood and loves of Proud Canadians before my time.  I am proud of our environment and how hard we try to keep things clean.  I am proud that so many people like to come here to live.  We have some of the best actors and singers, etc., in our Country than the others.  Our police, fire and ambulance services are awesome.  I am proud of our veterans that have gone home and the ones who remain here.  I enjoy my freedom and the safetiness I feel the majority of time when I am home or out and about.  I am proud to live in a land that takes pride in every aspect of its nation.  God bless Canada!!!
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Love your story. I met my husband on the Internet. Robert came from Montreal to Florida and we've been married 7 years. Unfortunately he had a stroke last September. He did not want to become a US citezen because he didn't want to give up his own country. The USA would not permit him dual citezenship.
Fortunately my home is paid for. I have some money in savings. Alas I cannot afford to pay his private care much longer.
Thankyou for promoting what I already know through him.

i like to think canada embodies the best in english welsh and scots...........not to sure about yhe french