Proud to Be Canadian!!

There are many reason's I am proud to be Canadian. I feel ironically that as Canadian citizens we actually have more power in our politics and government than many other countries do. We are in a VERY lucky location and do not have to deal with the HEAT of being a MEGA POWER and I thank the U.S. for doing that, because quite frankly I would not like to be in that position. When I travel and people ask where I am from, and I reply Canada, it ALWAYS seems to be received well. I have 2 sons and I am glad that I do not need to worry as much about war as our U.S. Neighbours have too. Being a proud Canadian, imo, means that I need to thank the United States, because there proximity allows us much of our own independance, whether people like that or not, or even if they disagree with me. So I am a proud Canadian and I thank the U.S. for partially giving me that gift.
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I am a proud Americam. I live just six hours away from Canada, but every time i've travled through, I am treated poorly and told to go back to where I belong. Thanks for the hospitality!

Canada has a lot of things right about is difficult to be a proud American these days...although I second Celainn's comments...I am a proud New Yorker...<br />
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On behalf of the comment about the US giving you a gift, I think it works both ways...I have visited Canada, and the natural beauty of your country is amazing. As a neighbor to the north, none could be better than Canada....Canada is a gift to the US.