Never Be Ashamed Of Who You Are Or Where You Come From..

I don't understand why people call me a Mexican and expect me to get offended.  As far as i can remember I am a Mexican.  When i first started dating my boyfriend a lot of his family members would ask where i was born and i would reply Mexico. Immediately there facial expressions would change, not in a good way of course.  For some reason a lot of people think im white or something rather than a Mexican. I guess people expect me to be brown with braids and wear sandals all the time? I think its funny since not even my family living in Mexico dress like that. But i guess it all falls down to people being stereotypical. I really don't get bothered when people are being immature or even ignorant, in the end it is them who look foolish not me. 

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hola! yo tambien soy mexicana y pienso lo mismo que tu! como la gente piensa que puedes llegar a ofenderte por eso? al contrario, es un gran orgullo, es verdad que nuestro pais tiene muchos problemas, pero todos los demas paises tambien y tenemos que admitir que mexico es hermoso! :)<br />
lo que molesta a veces es que la gente ponga estereotipos, y piensen que los mexicanos andamos siempre en sandalias como tu dices, o que somos un pais pobre, en realidad mexico tiene muchas riquezas! y una de esas es su gente.<br />
lo que si es ofensivo es que piensen que los mexicanos nos pudieramos llegar a sentir avergonzados de mexico, y si hay un mexicano que se averguenze de mexico, entonces merece que le digan todo tipo de ofensas jaja<br />
muchos saludos desde mexico!

Its sad that people are so ignorant. The US has people living here from all over the world. My bf was born in Italy yet he is Jamaican. And no one makes faces to that. These people just need to be educated. They should open their eyes and see that there is a world outside their little bubble of ignorance.

I agree with you that people are most of the times immature and ignorant.The only thing you have to do is not getting bothered by them and be proud of your nationality.Don't feel bad if they call you Mexican and expect you to get offended.Mexico is just a country in our planet.It is not something bad or offending that you have to be ashamed about!<br />
Never be ashamed of who you are or where you come from :)