When my eldest son was about 18 months old, I had taken him out for lunch to Long John Silver's.  We sit down, and I get him fixed up with his meal.  On the plate happened to be a hush puppy.  He over-looked it at first, diving first into his french fries and asking for more 'sausey' (ketchup).  Finally, he noticed it ... having no idea what this brown lil ball was on his plate he asks, "What's this, Momma?".  I remembered loving hush puppies when I was a kid, so excitedly I said, "Oh!  That's a hush puppy!  I used to love these when I was little.  Try it!  They're good!".  He held the hush puppy in his hand and studied it for what seemed like forever.  I continued to eat my portion of lunch when out of no where, he leans over to me and softly asks, "Is this what they do to dogs that won't be quiet?" ....


zencricket zencricket
31-35, F
May 5, 2007