Im so proud of my kids and what they are doing. My 13 year old is on the cross country team. She runs 2 miles every day and has her first meet on Saturday. Shes so happy and is built to run. My 10 year old is in basketball camp and is doing quite well. I high fived her after making 5 of the eight baskets that her team made. Im trying to work with both of them. Shot hoops and worked on dribbling. Went for a short run today before bed. Im so happy and proud to see them both be a part of something. I told them there is nothing they cant do. If they want they have to make it happen and i will there cheering them on. You go girls mom loves you.
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I have raised 3 of my four with the forth in 7th grade and loved watching them excel at sports

Its an amzing feeling watching your kids excel. Im there biggest fan even though they drive me crazy at times.

Great Post, Mom ( no folks she IS NOT MY Mother) . You three girls have a nice time. It sounds like they may be headed for sports successes in school- and you are right--there is nothing they cannot accomplish!

Thanks im trying to help both of them. Youngest was upset because i went on a run with sis but i was at the court with her working on skills yesterday.

Great--They will figure it out. They will have to come to terms that at times the other needs a bit more help than the next. But I know it will all even out.

I hope so i dont like it when they get upset at me for helping the other. Trying to spend more time with them and be a good mom

I know-you will do fine. in time, they will see that. It is a great example to set--how they should also be with thier children many tears from now.

Yes it is and i often feel like i fail them. But i made sock puppets tonight for them. Lol it was fun.

Ha! That was sweet. Sounds like fun.

We often feel that way- bt in the end, we don't. We may miss an opportunity her and there - but all is forgiven and we do not really fail them. But we all feel that way. I think that is a good feeling to have . Keeps us, as parents, motivated and vigilant.

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