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I met my husband when i was in the sixth grade, I am Currently 18. My husband and i haven't really gotten as close as we have until just recently. we have been off and on since i was 11. This time that we went out, i never spent a day or night without him. I had gotten so use to him being by my side every single second of every day! Then i had to move to Las Vegas for school September 23, 2012; Two days before my birthday.... It was horrible ! not seeing him besides oovoo... Then he left to South Carolina for basic training in October.. Then i didn't get to see his face at all. Then came the letters... I didn't get a letter from him for long periods of times... Then i had this great idea of getting married when he came to visit me for his christmas break thing... He told me that his seargant said he should wait... then he calls me five days before he comes and says "did you get my last letter?" i say "yeah the one saying your seargant said you should wait?" and he says "No, babe. I want to get married..." so i planned everything in that short period of time.... we ended up getting married 12/30/2012(: Had an amazing time with him..... and then he had to leave six days after that..... i couldn't handle it at all...... now... im waiting for 1/30/13 because its family day and i get to see him again.... so exciting! but then there will be another three to four months when i get to see him after that..... its so hard..... i feel like i cant do it but then my mother in law tells me to be strong.... and i have my husbands letter on my mirror that he left saying " i love you ! i know how your feeling right now my wife, i just want you to know that everything will be alright okay?" ..... My husband left it on my mirror before he left.... (: He also took my last name(: i said no but he insisted!!!(: best husband ever(:
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Jan 18, 2013