12 Months Exactly!!

Hey All!!

Well its been forever since i last posted a story on this site. A lot has happened with me and my boyfriend Frank. We are offically as of December dating for 12 months. Our anniversary is December 21 and it will have been offically a year with him!! Ahh im so beyond happy right now. We are still crazy in love and i think we are only getting closer. He's home and working in New York on the subway tracks so hes making a bit of money now and hes just happy to finally be home. He has been talking alot recently about our future like getting married, kids everything i have ever dreamed about. But i also am going to school and i dont want to rush into anything. Yes i know i want to spend my life with him but i dont want to get married or have children right away. He's good enough to wait for me. I dont know about you ladies but i am in no hurry to get married lol. Im only 20 and he's 21 we have so much still to learn about each other and to grow as a couple. But i know in the end he is what i want and i am happy to see i am what he wants as well.

I just wanted to share this with you ladies and i hope all of you have a safe and happy winter!!

All my love,
inuyasha3339 inuyasha3339
18-21, F
Dec 3, 2012