so happy to be celebrating Aphrodite in a life of beauty and pleasure, love and desire and playfulness.
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A life of beauty and pleasure, love and desire and playfulness is the way life should be, how do we screw it up so much?

I blame the Christians and atheists... one group praying to a dead guy on a torture device and the others going on and on about how smart they are not to be like that... Worship Aphrodite, people! :)

Hmm... Never seen anyone endorse paganism openly! Good for you :)

Definitely the path to walk. I don't know why our society has it so screwed up valuing money and power above pleasure, desire and playfulness.......come and play with me

thanks but no thank you sweetie!

It feels good to be loved and desired. There's too much hate and negativity in this world:-)

This sounds very interesting I would like to learn more about Aphrodite when you have the time. : )

message me any time :)