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My name is Missy and i have three beautiful children 5,4,2. Right now they are going through a hard time because my husband has decided to join the Army and is Basic Training. If anyone has ideas as to how I can help them deal with not having there dad around I would really appreciate it. My husband and I have been together for almost 12 years and married for almost 7. Our kids are the light of our lives and their happiness means the world to me. I hope to talk to ya'll.


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I plan on taking them to Fort Lewis this weekend. Maybe we will stop buy and pick up some shirts or outfits. They will love it. I hope. The last time we went to get my ID and the boys went nuts over all the G.I joes. I just laughed. They actually called them that. Thank goodness they were in the car. LOL<br />
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May try getting them involved in some aspects of why daddy is away. Teach about freedom and how some places don't have the freedoms we enjoy. Take to museums, memorials. Maybe take them shopping for outfits like their dad might wear. Make and send pictures to dad of what is going on at home. I can imagine they are not the only ones missing him. They may be sensing some anxiety from you, are their grand parents near by that can give you some time off once a week? Go spend it with adult friends do something fun. Good Luck we all appreciate what your husband is doing and the sacrifice you and your family are making.