I'm Upset By Sexy Games Being On My Husbands Phone.

My husband want to have a game on  his smart phone that shows girls in sexy outfits, almost nude , and I feel upset about it, he says I'm a prude, jealous and petty,
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I say start putting salt peter or prozac in his food!

Men love that stuff. It's very normal. Don't try to repeal human nature. You won't win.

Put some games of sexy men on your phone and see how he likes that.

Heh, heh, heh, good one!

Instead of whining about the game, why not give him what he wants and dress up in something from Victoria's Secret and get sexy with him ?

Make him decide what is more important to him, you or the games. He can only have you or the games.

Agree-- but only if you mean it -- idle threats will erode this part fast and then there will be more than girly photos on that phone or computer.

I suggest from a position of love and caring you ask why he loaded that - what it means to him - for many men this is no big deal - but of this is the beginning of "acting out" then you have a problem. Either way you need to address it in a way that strengthens his bond to you - not that helps drive him to more secrecy.

I think he wants ALOT more than games or whatever. He wants a more passionate, sexier wife.

Just get some nude guy stuff on your phone and drooool over it....a lot! I bet he will have a double standard going on then!!<br />
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Tell him its a bit of fun....and then as one of the above posters suggested, go out get smashed and then tell him what a sexy time you had staring at the hot guys stripping<br />
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Silly man!

Lighten up. Hubby may have reached the age where he's looking for a little "stimulation". It's just a game and not contact with flesh-and-blood girls. And you will be the beneficiary if it cranks up his libido. Don't get worried unless he starts exchanging sweet nothings with real people.

Or maybe she should nip this in the bud BEFORE it escalates to things like texts? Why allow an unacceptable behavior to occur at all. You're just wasting time. Handle the issue now.

There is something wrong with that guy. If I was married and actually loved my wife, I wouldn't even have those on my phone. He must not love you that much if it bothers you as much as it does and he doesn't seem to care very much.

OK, I'm breaking a major guy rule here but, I'll tell you how to deal with it. <br />
Arrange a girl's night out to a male ******** club. Bring about 8-10 of your girlfriends and get wasted. Come home drunk and tell him how worked up you got at the club, "let's fool around, honey!". <br />
One of two things will happen;<br />
1) He will be so jealous and upset he will see your point and hopefully be open-minded to your plight. You can discuss some ground-rules and make him stick to them.<br />
2) He won't give a damn and you can both keep doing that sort of thing indefinitely. And, you will see that it doesn't mean anything to him. <br />
<br />
Either way, it was you who decided the outcome and you who gets your own satisfaction.

Alright its definitely jealousy, he knows it so why doesn't he try to please me? I wish I didn't care!

yes I can understand your point of view of course, but when our men are in the military like mine is we do worry about all sorts of stuff, when all we can do is wait for the phone to ring or an E-mail to arrive!!!, but saying that life does go, I must say and I must say I so love and trust my otherhalf as he's my soulmate.<br />
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As a guy, I must say, I don't understand. I used to go to ***** clubs when I was younger and my wife never had a problem with it at all. I never had to try to hide it from her. I had some friends that were always telling me that if their wives found out they were in ***** clubs they would meet a shotgun when they walked through the door. I had two questions for these guys; 1) Then what are you doing here? 2) Why are you with someone that jealous?<br />
They weren't doing anything with the strippers, they were just having a few beers with the guys...in front of naked women (?!) I'm glad my wife never forced me to lie to her about these things (Because that's what would have ended up happening, eventually) and because of that she in turn went out for a drink with her girlfriends to Chippendale clubs, too. I DID feel a little uncomfortable with that as a first reaction but, then I thought about the fact that she was woman enough to allow me that amount of trust and understanding so I also gave her all the freedom she wanted.<br />
You can't keep your sig. other in a cage, or else you will find them sneaking around, eventually.

oh hunni so would I be, your not being silly thinking like that, as it must hurt, but I am sure its all OK and hes just being a guy, and we all no they can be thoughtless at times<br />
<br />
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mouse xxx

oh hunni so would I be, your not being silly thinking like that, as it must hurt, but I am sure its all OK and hes just being a guy, and we all no they can be thoughtless at times<br />
<br />
<br />
mouse xxx