Why Is Being A Prude Such A Big Deal?

I've had a lot of people judge me and say mean things to and about me for being a prude.
Why is it considered okay to be hypersexual but not okay to be prudish?
I can understand if i was someone who was holier than thou and tell people they should be prudish like me. I don't care if people make dirty jokes and talk about their encountersand such. I just don't want to participate or contribute to those conversations. Why is that so bad?
Yet there are always people telling prudish people they need to "get laid".
I just would like to know why people feel so threatened by prudish people and try to insult them.
Hydronica Hydronica 22-25, F 8 Responses Jun 12, 2011

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I am the only person in my school who wants to wait until they are married to have sex, and i am often teased about it and made fun of. People tell me things like, "oh you don't understand, you're a virgin" and "sex is the best! how have you not had sex before?"
I'm also a self-proclaimed hormonal teenager who's really horny all the time. so it kinda sucks. But just be who you are, and remember that everyone develops a their own pace and does what they want when they are ready.

I wonder the same thing daily. It can be lonely having some semblance of moral belief. The best is when people learn I think sex should be for marriage in spite of not following any religion at all.

I hope it's not people in your family being mean about you being a prude...

OH WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am so glad i found you guys!!!! i hate the label prude as if it is a bad thing for us. i don't drink, smoke, curse, have tattoos, wear raunchy clothes, watch or read raunchy things. up until i was 32 years old, i never had my first kiss or a romantic relationship off the internet or went on dates. i got my first kiss and much much more by force when i was 32. i was physically and sexually abused every day for seven months. talk about a horror in romantic introductions. i am 34 and waiting for my first real kiss and real romantic experiences. i used to be teased for "being a prude" and people who weren't virgins would laugh at my ignorance of their sexual conversations and make fun of me for being a virgin. some people told me i am technically still a virgin because i haven't had sex willingly. either way, it is so refreshing emotionally to meet people who i know can relate to what i feel. i don't give people a hard time for their sexual expertise but i just ask that they not berate me for my sexual ignorance. so so nice to meet you guys. :)

You're not technically a virgin, you ARE a virgin. Remember that. I hope your first time is as magical as it should be. :)

thank you so much for that. awwwwww i wanna bear hug you! hug, hug. :)

I agree! You are a virgin. You are perfect the way you are. I don't understand why people have to make a big deal about it.

me too. :) discrimination against the sexually uneducated and sexually inexperienced is out there and needs to be dealt with. and thanks for the positive inspiration. bear hugs, big time, hydronica. :)

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I'm a prude but I don't care anymore. Never had a girlfriend, never had my first kiss, never been on a real date, and I never will. I've accepted my faith of being cold and alone for the rest of my life. And strangely, I'm sort've OK with that.

Me either, but I do want companionship. If you are okay with it then it's definitely not a bad thing

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being prude. Like being sexually enthusiastic, it is a personal choice. I too prefer to keep out of those types of conversation. It's rather lacking and tasteless in my opinion. I wouldn't let the insults bother me. Those who put down others are either very insecure with themselves or just don't know any better.

Yeah, I don't know why people judge me for that particular personal choice. I don't think it comes from insecurity I just think it's ignorance.

You didn't have to mention that. And I meant that as an example. But I know, many other people however don't. :P

It's "okay" to be hypersexual?!!? NO IT ISN'T D: Some **** did that to me and it was so freaking weird!! I didn't know prude was a word lmao. Woah, I thought I was the *Only* one who didn't drink or stuff related to that! This is awesome!! xD

And you say you have no friends, yet your awesome like this...

Unlike those people who just care about "getting laid" I actually want a long term relationship. -joins group-

And why they try to insult prudish people? I have no idea to be honest.

From what I noticed people don't think it's "okay" but it's better than being a prude. Why? Because people don't understand it whereas they can actually see why someone would be hypersexual.
What makes you think I don't drink? Well you sir are underage that's why you can't and shouldn't.