I Don't Understand What's Wrong With Prudishness!

I'm completely sick of hearing that people should lose their virginity in their teens. I have enough willpower to control my hormones, and I don't know why people see that as a bad thing. I dress modestly, going to the point of loving Lolita fashion (based off Victorian era dresses, intended to appear elegant, modest, and innocent), and I don't intend on losing my virginity to anyone but my true love.
Nor do I understand why this means I'm "an evil, uptight Christian". Lolwhut? I don't have anything against Christians, but I'm not one. I also don't act like I'm holier than thou, no, I'm just a person with my own opinion.
I take prude as a compliment.
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4 Responses Oct 11, 2011

Well I am glad you don't push it in others face. On the other hand, stay out of my bedroom, as they say. You are making your choice for your own reasons and are getting some specific thing out of it I assume. So are the people that are making their own choices. And sorry,, they are just as valid as yours. Christians believe their choices are "the most valid" because they are in a book some people cobbled together.

Prude and being a virgin are two different things. They are mutually exclusive. Nothing wrong with waiting to have sex. Where it becomes unhealthy is when "not having sex" becomes a type of badge of honor or something a person wants to set out to prove. Sex is a natural act between two people, it for the most part should flow naturally. Anything that interferes with that, in my opinion will lead to an unhealthy mind and ultimately unhappy relationships..

You can defer your actual first experience of sex as long as you deem appropriate. There is nothing wrong with that. You can even go your whole life without ever once experiencing it. There is nothing wrong with that either. However, whatever you do don't delude yourself, or more importantly, anyone else that you are a sexual creature if you really are not. That would be a travesty and an offence against common decency.

You have plenty of time to be a prude, and that is good. By the time you are 25, the hormones should kick in, because our bodies are made for reproduction, and the body earge for release of fluids, like *****, eggs, etc. Prude is something a guy in heat does not want to hear, so keep it to yourself.

Why should she care what some guy thinks? Isn\'t what she thinks important as well?