I Find Lot Of Sex Sick

Seeing animated photos of it or paintings or drawings make me feel embarrassed. Even talking about it like telling me how I need to get a book on it and read about every sex moves I can do also makes me feel uncomfortable. I can't help but think "gross."

I also cannot stand ****. I find it boring and sick and it doesn't appeal me.

I can't stand anus sex or oral sex and other sex moves people do. I will never do any of that stuff but intercourse I will and breast feeding.

I don't care about peoples sex lives and I don't care how they have it and I don't think it's wrong for them to do it, I just don't want to hear about it or be forced into it telling me how I need to try and and not take no for an answer.

I also cannot stand it when men get pushy and try and shove it in my face saying I need to try it and I will like it. I block them or log off IM when they do such a thing and do not take no for an answer and telling me I am bored during sex because all I do is one position so trying to push it on me to try other moves, **** you. I am a gray a damn it. That is between asexual and sexual. I don't get bored during sex anymore but I am not going to even explain what my husband did that made our sex lives better because I don't know how open minded you are if you are not into my kinks or don't have any kinks of your own. Maybe I should just start talking about it hoping it will disgust you so you will go away. But no what if it makes you even creepier. But I log off instead or block you.

Yes I am a prude, get over it.

girlwithanxiety girlwithanxiety
26-30, F
1 Response May 15, 2012

There is some guy out there, somewhere for you, I hope. You know the bell curve and all that.