So i am in a realtionship with this wonderful boy and i am 15 a sophmore and i am dating the love of my life and i know it we have been together almost a year now and the fartest we have gone is intense making out and feeling eachother up am i prude for not giving him a ******* i mean i would want to but id feel bad afterwards... A girl today said i was prude for not doing anything with him since we have been dating for awhile. Help thanks .:) am i prude or what?
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3 Responses Aug 22, 2012

You are not a prude. You are 15. Usually boys your age care only about themselves and their sexual desires. Sex with them is not fun for the girl, who typically ends up being sexually used, not loved. Once the couple becomes sexually involved via oral or other sex, often that's all the boy wants to do so the couple misses the fun of exploring other things that are involved in relationships.

You aren't a prude. You are wise to take your time.

Don't do anything because people tell you to. Stay true to yourself, after all, if your not ready, you'll just end up resenting the entire situation. Would you allow others to bully you into hurting someone else? If no, then why would you allow someone to bully you into hurting yourself (emotionally)?

It's your decision whether you call yourself a prude or not. Just because you haven't completed certain activities with him does not make you so. Maybe you don't feel ready or don't like/love him enough just yet. You don't have to either!