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Why is is that a few of you feel like you can't say the word 'sex' or talk about anything to do with it? How do you feel when the topic is mentioned or asked about?

I am just wondering because I used to be that way and wouldn't speak about it until I met some of my closest friends, who just straight up asked me about my sex life, and as I feel obliged to answer and tell the truth, so I did. Also i'm studying to become a counsellor, so i have psychological interests :)
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There people with various "needs" and interests in EP. You need to tread carefully or else you are going to be hit with a lot of "fans" requests and mail.

As a male i find it very liberating to be able to talk about what excites me on here

thats great, I like to be able to talk about it too

I lived in a house with a bunch of 'Burning Man' organizers a few years ago. These are alternative lifestyle folks who ulitmately have a big festiival each year where they gather to affirm and enhance those lifestyles. I remember coming downstairs to a sex toys sales party one evening. Another time at a party, everyone is fairly drunk and a bunch of the guys are lined up on a couch and they are holding their ***** in their hands, wrapped in hotdog buns, with big grins on their faces. All the women also have equally big grins on their faces. It was just a very free and easy atmosphere when it came to sex discussions. We talked about anal sex. We talked about tghe practice of shaving sex organs for men and women. All I can say is that the burning man crowd I was hanging with had a really relaxed inclusive attitude when it came to sex.