I Still Can't Say the "S" Word Out Loud

but it depends on who I'm with.. if I'm with my friend.. i have to be blunt about it with her.. cause i don't want her to lose her virginity at a young age

i "technically" still have mines

which make people think I'm a lesbo since I've never...(cough cough)....with a guy b4 and that supposedly means I'm a lesbian? because i have with a girl? and not a boy?


i think some people need to look up bisexual in the dictionary....

and when guys approach me with stuff like(meaning the "s" word) i get creeped out and if i were pale i would blush at the things guys have said to me involving the "s" word -.-

even with girls too...its just not something i feel like talking about....

that's enough "s" word talk for me -.-

I'm extremely prude -.-

but atleast it keeps me out of alot of troubles =D

MorbidxMalice MorbidxMalice
18-21, F
2 Responses Nov 12, 2008

awwww<br />
ty for this comment =]<br />
i'll keep strong and won't do anything with any guy untill i'm married...or ready... which ever comes first >.>

The simple fact is that you should NEVER get married because you will NEVER be ready. That is the simple, utter truth. You deny it at your peril.

Stand by your beliefs & stick up for yourself. Remember You have to live with yourself forever. You cannot make everyone happy. I've tried. As long as you are not hurting yourself, anyone else & it's not illegal, who cares? The ones that don't care don't matter. The ones that do care...you know the rest. <br />
<br />
As far as being a virgin, NEVER let anyone force or bully you intodoing something you don't want to do. Good for you for not doing anything with a guy! (no, I'm not gay- just someone who's been used by someone I thought loved me) You have to be proud of yourself! I'll get off my soap box now. Good Luck! Peace & Love!