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Yes I Am!

I'm a Prude! :D

And I refuse to perform lewd dances at luckypickle's party :p I have come to find sanctuary!

Emptysoul30 Emptysoul30 22-25, M 10 Responses Oct 16, 2009

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yayayayy .... runs in with tutu , and flower watering can ...starts pouring water on self and dancing *

ROFL! *sneaks after Empty with a hose*

*Grabs bucket of water and sneaks after Kitti*

*runs in with sexy pink tutu ..looks up pouts * no rain dammit * drags feet sadly out *

There was a reason, honest there was!

shakin' *** in the rain?.... Empty! such language!


it's true ! lp, he tries to make the wicked nuns repent from their wicked ways ! but we luv ya anyway empty :P

Oh no you don't, don't you be comin' over here shakin' your *** in the rain :p well maybe there's no rain tonight, but the point still stands! :D

Muahahahaahaaa you won't get away that easily!