It's Good To Be A Prude.

What some call prudishness....

I call common decency and common sense!

MissDaphne05EV MissDaphne05EV
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7 Responses Dec 5, 2009

I guess I would fall into this group as well. Being modest, moderate and abstaining from certain things goes well in a job interview, as well as being able to keep a job.

Your statement is vacuous and meaningless, deliberately so. You are afraid but won't face it, so you seek validation of it. You seek approval for it so that the falsehood rings, albeit with a hollow ring.<br />
<br />
Why not be a lot more honest about it? In the end the only person you are deceiving that matters is yourself. If you ever attempt to form a lasting relationship you will take your prudery into it completely unmodified.

Oh, FOIA! You say the sweetest things. : )

i don't think it has anything to do with what others think about you but rather what you think about YOURSELF that counts. i don't choose to live my life with a decorum of decency and common sense for others but for myself. great post, missdaphne.

Yeah, that's something a prude would say, but something that a sexually promiscuous, alcoholic, or drug addicted person could not say.

Ha ha, yeah, I get your point. Very true you cheeky boy.<br />
Your comment made me laugh though.

yeah thats something a prude would say lol

People would call my daughter a prude I should think. I have never had to tell her to go back upstairs to change before she went out. She's never drank herself stupid and shown herself up. Self respect commands respect from other people. She's 23 now and I'm so proud of her because she's beautiful inside and out. I only wish other women would think more like this.

GOOD FOR HER!! I wish more young people were like this. There is nothing wrong with modesty and moderation! I weep for our future as most young people today do not believe in this.