Put In The Looney Bin For No Reason, Violated My Privacy

The therapist that day (it was my reg scheduled therapy appt that day" I told her I wasn't feeling well due to low blood sugar, she took me to the nurses office they took my blood pressure, next thing I know here comes a doctor and told me she wanted to talk to me and that her office was being cleaned and she took me to another room, As I was walking with the doc down the hall my therapist came up to me and said "When u get done with the doctor, come back and see me" next thing I know my purse was taken away from me, dumped out and searched, then searched my body, put in handcuffs, then got put in the back of a cop car and took me 100 miles away from my home to the state mental hospital. I as admitted on a Wednesday and let go on the following Monday and was told I showed no signs of what was written about me.

That day when it happened I asked to talk to someone higher up and they told me that person was not available. Once I got to see a doc the next day in the looney bin I asked if I could home she told me I was there on an emergency basis and they had to hold me for a certain ammt of time. If I knew about my rights at that time, I would have never went thru that hell! They made it sound like I had no choices in the matter I was completely blindsided.

And NO LIE! The cop who took me to the hospital texted the entire time on his phone and kept hitting his brakes and driving like a crazy person, I was scared to death the entire time in the back seat because of what he was doing.

A cpl of days while I was in the looney bin I finally got to read what they said about me, it said I talked bad about my husband and my parents, and that "I AM TAKING NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE" Why should I take the responsibility? It also said I have a fear of cotton balls, OK so what, I am sure everyone has some kind of phobia. It also said I was talking non stop and using a lot of cuss words. I wasn't even in her office 3 minuets.

I never once threatened to hurt myself or anyone else. I had every right to be angry at my parents for taking his side, them stabbing me in the back and buying him a car and money. And I should be upset about what he has done to me all these years.

I had to go back to the original therapist I was seeing for a follow up appt after my hospital stay, the therapist asked me if she got her msg at the hospital I was in that my son was being taken care of by a relative, I told her no I didnt get any msg, she then tells me she had talked to my ex husband to be and wanted to pass a long a msg from him, she told me to my face that she discussed everything about me to him, knowing full well he was not on any paperwork to get any info on me. She told me to my face everything she told him about me. I told her I am not worried about not getting any msgs that it was over and done with and that I WAS THE ONE WHO SET UP THE ARRANGEMENTS for my son.

And during this "Follow up" session with her she was playing on her computer, making personal phone calls and YES get this she pulled out a compact mirror and tweezers and started to pluck her eyebrows, I wasn't to thrilled about what she did and how she acted. I went home and wanted to cool off before I went back to complain to someone higher up. Well a cpl weeks later this therapist is no longer working there, not sure if she got fired or she quit. I contacted HIPPA and they told me I had to go fill out a complaint with the therapy place first then go from there.

Oh one more thing, before I got to see what was written about me, when I asked the doc if I could go home and was told no because the things that were written about me were very disturbing. Once I got to read the original report it was a very short paragraph. I was very upset to see what was wrote about me.

It also said I stated that when I go home after my therapy appt that I said I was going to go and kill myself. Why in the hell would I kill myself when I was taking care of business to make sure I get things in order for my son and I. I told the doc, ask my sons school, talk to the police dept, talk to DHS, contact the director of the domestic violence shelter and u will see I am doing my darnedest to make a better life. Another thing that pissed me off is that before I got taken away to the state hospital I told them I have a son, the doc said "well u have 30 seconds to make up your mind and find a place for him or I will put him in foster care" They wouldn't even escort me to the parking lot to lock my car up, telling me I was considered a flight risk. WTF!!! I looked up the law on this, and now that I know what the proper procedure is for an Emergency Detention Order I am definitely going to take action against these people, the report was a complete lie, they violated my privacy and did not follow proper procedure for detaining me.

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You drag them through the ringer and get as much money
as possible. What they did was illegal and immoral. There are laws in place against everything they did, use them to your advantage. They are the ones who should be locked

Did they inject you with medication at any time?

I'm going tomorrow to talk to my lawyer about this and see what I can do, even though that therapist is not working there, Something needs to be done. When I talked to the head manager she told me she couldnt deny telling him I went there because he already knew.. What a load of crap! She could have told him she couldnt even say if i was still being seen there <br />
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u r right, I have every right for being upset. About week or so before all this went down, they tried to admit me. I gave them consent to talk to my family doc and the doc i talked to at that time was a different doc.<br />
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This doc who had me committed did it for her own reasons. Come to find out they get paid for every patient they admit. Also I found out that this same therapist was treating my x2b, total conflict of interest. And this doc who admitted me, I had met once before well, the appt didnt go so well. We just didnt click.<br />
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When they dumped my purse out I asked why they were doing that, this guy told me well we have to because I was being talked to in the impatient ward and it was for safety reasons<br />
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Last week when I went in to see them I saw a different doc, and he asked me if I had any thoughts of hurting myself, I told him NO that I have a bright future ahead of me, then he asked if I thoughts of hurting others, I told him NO, then he said, well if you start to think these things, give us a call 24/7. No effin way do I want to deal with jerks ever again<br />
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Total discrimination, they singled me out! and NO I am not a paranoid person, just an abused woman who is trying to build a better life for her and her kids.

Confused<br />
accurate names<br />
<br />
Sounds as though the cops abused the patient again. Watched faces of Death pt,4. Why are the cops in the doctors offices again. Let me guess, "They decided to fire Terrell the doctor and submit their own diagnosis. Defined Schitzoprenic as a free person who who was hit by a stupid driver and trying to end the life of a innocent victim. Because people do not like to be violated by the police, much less anybody else, because their financial lives are dependant on this form of justifield crime, does not make the patient a criminal, crazy, or much less anything else in you dictionary, once again. Sounds as though the doctor should be fired and the police officer for internfering in practices he is not trained for. Wonder how the Police office would answer a medical question in a court of law. The author of should consider, who the crazy person is, the author, who produced the fraudulant and defimation of the article, or the police officer, and if the doctor does not understand patient doctor confidentialy, they should be sued. Once again, peole have a right to be upset becaue of the ignorance of others.