French Psychiatric Hospital Are Messed Up

French psychiatric hospitals are messed up. I mean, I received psychiatric care for some PTSD, and everything was fine with the people involved... But once you get interned, cover yourselves, cause **** hits the fan right now.

I was interned twice. The first time after a suicide attempt. I was locked up with guys whom were really perturbed, some of which scared me to death... Fortunately, I managed to talk with a kind old lady... She gave me the creeps at first, but she was the one whom creeped me out the least. I was otherwise left with nothing to do, except talking with that lady. Fortunately, I was not interned for long.

The second time, I was thrown on the ground and beaten up by my stepfather. I called the police, the emergency services got there and carried me to the hospital. I was quickly examined, and they told me they wanted to keep me for the night, to make sure I wasn't too injured. Still a bit tired, and shocked, I said okay... And they kept me locked the next day. I kept moving in circles, asking when I could go out, because I would have to go to a birthday party... After some time, they forced me to drink some unidentified chemical compound (I wouldn't say medicine cause I still don't know what it was supposed to do), and they transferred me to another hospital. There, I was lead to a cell, and locked in it... I panicked, and a dozen "nurses" ganged up on me to tie me to the bed for 3 hours without anyone watching me. I was shaken by spasms at first, and in the end, I managed to free one of my hands... I barely could use the stuff you pee in with one hand, and when the someone got back into the room, I asked if they could untie me, but "they didn't had the authority to do so...", and I spend 2 more hours tied up... The next day, my mother got me out, and a was left a complete wreck for two weeks. I mostly recovered (mostly, I still have flashbacks), and I guess I now have a severe case of hospital phobia... That's so messed up...

Well, that's all I have to say on the subject.
ElisaRose ElisaRose
Dec 15, 2012