The Seen Unseen

Its very strange to tell anyone what do you experience eventually before the time of its actual occurrence , most of time people see you with their brows up when you say "i knew what was going to happen"...........for a long time i am trying to search answers through horoscopes, ching oracle, and numerology but when you look at these things people interpret these things in wrong way.............for many years i am seeing the "unseen" turning into reality but don't know how to control it .It explainable part of my life where i am caught in an ugly middle position, here inspite of knowing everything you are helpless towards yourself to the situation, i dont know what sort of powers i have with in myself but i feel the unkown, something around trying to convey- a glimpse of whats going to occur.
most of people dont understand what i am taking and if my parents knew it they arre definitely going to keep me in a psychiatrist center............its an obvious choice tat no wants to be tagged under the banner of being mentally challenged or so...... i did't even got space to express it to my parents...cant even find any way to get out of it , on one side there are people totally denying it on the other hand there are one who are experiencing it .......i definitely need guidence on this absurd part
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thanks, i really hope if someone can guide me on such unknown aspect of life!

You sound impressively attune to the flow of life.<br />
I hope you find the guidance you seek.