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My brother had a basketball game so it was just me at the house with my 2 dogs is night time it was 8:00 pm so I was locking all the doors even the windows some reason my lower back was starting hurt I turn my right hand side I saw a little girl who was maybe 15 or 16 years old when I saw her the first time she was walking pass me in my kitchen I was so froze I was scared & I was thinking how she came in everything was lock she was wearing a old light blue church clothes she had a pink pony tail her hair was dark brown hair with black eyes she had white skin & I just realized she had 2 abused marks around her neck I look down her dirty little feet she was not wearing any shoes she disappear about 2 seconds that's wried when my sister came back from Kansas she was at the front yard with my 2 dogs I was going to the gust bathroom um I heard a little girl voice saying help help help ? I shout my sister name it stop ! & when I was done using the gust bathroom I saw my sister just came back the front yard with my 2 dogs I ask her did u say help 3 times she say no she say y I told her I thought I heard u say help she was outside the hole time she never came to the house asking for help that's was creepy next couple of days went past I draw the girl ghost was in my kitchen it was wried that I remember what she look like next couple of days went past I had a ghost dream it scared the he'll out of me I was in bed dreaming like I'm having a nightmare about this same little girl she was with this tall men with black hair he his a tall men he grab her neck maybe that's why she had 2 abused marks around her neck I believe this men killed her by doweling in the swimming pool  & she yell daddy daddy daddy 3 times next couple days when the nightmare stop how she died um couple of day my older brother was watching me & my brother my parents where in Texas this year in 2012 & my older brother was asking can I used your iPad I say yes so I go up staircase my lower back was starting hurt & I saw Madeline staying behind my bedroom door her hair was not a pony tail her hair was dripping wet I saw her white skin dripping water this time I did not see any face just her body & her hair that's was scary & next couple of days I went to my bathroom at my lights where off my lower back was starting hurt I turn my left hand side I saw madeline front of my bathroom door she was 9 years old can ghost change there age when there still dead ????? The next day went past there was a  little girl name Madeline she was gone missing in 2007 in may 3 in London her full name was Madeline McCann I never met her when I saw her as a ghost or her spirit & she tells me that she's not alive she's dead !!! That's what she told & she miss her family lot & when the show her Photo that was wried because it was the same girl in my sketch is the same girl in my dream the same girl in my kitchen her spirit is still here this the real psychic who can see her !!!! 
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Dec 14, 2012